n you work TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS  when you work with me.

Looking at the big picture, I'll help you get out of a suffering or frustrated frame of mind, setting you free to see your challenge and situation differently and opening the path to satisfy your soul and vision of success.

Get clear and feel confident as you  Harmonize your head with your heart

Together we clarify your path and reveal the stress allowing you to free the mental and emotional energy you've had consumed by doubt, overwhelm, fear or confusion. You find yourself with new energy to refocus and use effectively to move forward. 

I'll give you energizing, practical ideas and new options. With fresh eyes, a new optimistic and objective perspective you'll see readily available opportunities and solutions.

Transformation happens, you feel more empowered as you re-balance and get in the flow. Clarity supports faster, easier decisions, increasing confidence and success in the actions you take.

 "Because pure awareness lies at the basis of everything the most powerful way to change your life is to begin with your awareness.  When your consciousness changes, your situation will change.  Every situation is both visible and invisible."   Deepak Chopra 
To live a happy, fulfilling, vibrant life we must listen to our soul and live on the leading edge. Up front there is uncharted territory that calls for courage and faith. We are called to expand our perspective and discover ourselves in a deeper way, to trust in our intuition and the invisible higher power. To blossom and flourish we must recognize our own potential, our dreams, our life path and calling and learn how to turn them into the physical reality of everyday.

Make decisions and plan in the light of fresh perspective

Consider me your guide bringing fresh perspective and light to your situation and plans. Experience has taught me how to save you pitfalls, show you shortcuts, and point out highlights. Let me enlighten you with 20/20 hindsight now rather than you getting it later. 
For years I've walked the unfolding path and gathered knowledge and wisdom to make your journey easier. I've bushwhacked through limitations, obstacles and blocks and know the tools that work well. I read the compass, help you find your bearings and look at the map - helping you decide the best route to follow. I've learned to read the signs, the numbers and stars, I can teach you to do the same. I have a profound intuitive sense ready to help you to tune in and prepare for great opportunities that lie ahead. Let me light the way for you to naturally prosper and thrive.
1-1 and in the classroom, I share wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques for you to close the gap between what you want and what you have today. 
I'll help you find new stability and confidence in the process of defining your purpose and path. I'll help you recognize your soul's calling and re-align your authentic self with your life, your work, your relationships and your values. 

Move forward on your aligned path to success

Work with me.  Don't waste any more energy or time in defense, confusion or doubt. Step into your personal greatness. Reclaim your power, realize your potential, own your creativity. Experience relief and empowerment. 

Authentic, happy, aligned and confident is attractive 
and the core of fulfillment and success
Let's face it. People who are confident in their personal strengths and blossoming into their fullness get hired and promoted. We want to live and work with others who are authentic, optimistic, open and balanced. It's pleasurable and rewarding to use the services of those who find joy in creating their products, sharing their expertise and natural talent. And to work with businesses conscious of the bottom line and impact while focused on thier client's success.

Within your current challenge lie the clues to what you want and how you're going to get there
I'm here to help you read them

"Judy is extremely friendly and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is searching for a clear path to life fulfillment and peace of mind." CM

"Judy has the unique ability to "see" your way forward and know your best course of action.  In a single moment her fresh perspective lifts long-held weight and provides clarity in a bigger way than you could ever imagine"

"Judy has a true gift for understanding and unwinding the mental blocks that prevent so many entrepreneurs from reaching their highest potential. She is extremely friendly and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is searching for a clear path to life fulfillment and peace of mind." Courtney M. USA

"Judy Onorato is a one of a kind woman. She has the ability to listen and truly connect, particularly during one on one conversations.  Her welcoming warmth and sense of humour open the door to exploration of real issues.  She is attuned to the energy of her surroundings and able to interpret it in a way that is applicable to each situation. Her interpretation of my numbers and energy has been very eye opening and helpful in navigating through recent transitions and events in my life.  She's helped me clarify my direction, relax and go after it!   p.s. I love her HARMONY mist:) T.S King City, ON

I work with people like me, kind, caring, authentic and typically optimistic. You like being of service, making a difference and value wellness and harmony. You're entrepreneurial by nature, creative and love the magic of life. On track you're effective and efficient. You're aware of your gut-instincts, typically proactive and willing to take risks that resonate. You're conscious, dedicated and willing to dig in. You don't like to be pushed or told what to do, but you do value and are open to the wisdom and experience of others. That's why you're here exploring your options, ready to learn and expand.
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"Judy has insight and experience I trust. She is deeply committed to provide practical, personal and effective solutions. She listens and makes you feel comfortable to share information. She is non-judgemental, sees, and appreciates the gifts in people. You will be charged fairly for her services".  Lori Beardmore. Norwood, ON.         

"Whether you are new to self-development or a veteran, at various points on our journey we all need someone who can hold space for us with compassion, clarity and wisdom.  Not someone to solve our issues, but some who can support us to feel safe, be more comfortable, honest and present to them. When a skilled practitioner can listen, accurately feedback what they have heard and then offer broader perspectives, new useful insights and useful tools, we can then re-calibrate back into our own center with renewed, refreshed energy and healthy alignment. Judy Onorato does this as she brings life experience, expertise, holistic training and most of all - the sincere desire to join with and support others in their life path to joy and fulfillment." Edyne Plancy, Toronto

"I highly recommend Judy for a Numerology reading!  She has such a warmth and energy about her.  Her experience and love for her work comes through in her readings. I truly left feeling like I learned so much and now I have tools to be my best self and live my truth."  Sandra  R  Bolton, Ontario.