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When you're uncertain, frustrated, overwhelmed or blocked first we relieve the stress. I help you make sense of the situation, see connections and clarify your options quickly. We look at the influence of timing and the relationships between you, others and the circumstance at hand. In as little as a single consultation you'll be relieved and moving forward empowered in your decisions and confident in taking the next step. 

Consulting  and in the classroom I help you to see yourself, understand where you are, and see invisible potential waiting for you to tap into.  My intuitive insight intertwines practical knowledge illuminating hidden support, probability and opportunities for you to activate and run with. I'm here to provide insight and learning to positively transform your life, your work, your relationships, your health and your wealth. To bring your soul calling for well-being, happiness, success and fulfillment, into reality; your life and business.

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"Judy Onorato is a one of a kind woman. She has the ability to listen and truly connect, particularly during one on one conversations.  
Her welcoming warmth and sense of humour opens the door to exploration of real issues.  She is attuned to the energy of her surroundings and able to interpret it in a way that is applicable to each situation. Her interpretation of my numbers and energy has been very eye opening and helpful in navigating through recent transitions and events in my life.  She's helped me clarify my direction, relax and go after it!  
  T.S King City, ON.
"Whether you re new to self-development or a veteran, at various points on our journey we all need someone who can hold the space for us with compassion, clarity and wisdom. Not someone to solve our issues, but someone who can support us to feel safe, be more comfortable, honest and present to them.  When a skilled practitioner can listen, accurately feedback what they have heard and then offer boarder perspective, new practical insights and useful tools, we can then re-calibrate back to our own center with renewed, refreshed energy and healthy alignment. 
Judy Onorato does this as she brings life experience, expertise, holistic training and most of all- the sincere desire to join with and support others in their life path to joy and fulfillment."                                                                 Edyne Plancy, Toronto, ON.

"Judy has a true gift for understanding and unwinding the mental blocks that prevent so many entrepreneurs from reaching their highest potential. She is extremely friendly and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is searching for a clear path to life fulfillment and peace of mind." Courtney M. USA

    "... pure awareness lies at the basis of everything, the most powerful way to change your life is to begin with your awareness.  
           When your consciousness changes, your situation will change.  Every situation is both visible and invisible."  Deepak Chopra 

"Judy has insight and experience I trust. She is deeply committed to provide practical, personal and effective solutions. She listens and makes you feel comfortable to share information. She is non-judgmental, sees, and appreciates the gifts in people. You will be charged fairly for her services".  Lori Beardmore. Norwood, ON.      

“Judy is a delight. Being with her was an interesting and wonderful experience.

I enjoyed the process immensely and was thrilled by the clarity, insight and inspiration she was able to give me in just one hour!”

 K.H., Aurora, ON

Imagine yourself feeling clear, energized and in the flow. You find the root cause of challenges and your way to resolve. The emotional roller coaster of question and doubt is replaced with a confident core of peace and empowered choice to work with what's not in your control. You make the best of what is. Unnecessary, self-sabotaging struggle and stress are a thing of the past.

Imagine yourself in the place you've always wanted to be, fulfilled in your life and your work. You're Rich! Wealthy in experience, confidence, clarity and personal power. Wealthy in health, money and wholesome relationships. You've left the mass consciousness of needing and wanting, the life of chasing expected outcomes and defined success. You share what you love, you lead true to your nature, your passions, your values and your strengths. Great relationships bring success and support. More balance isn't boring, not at all! It's given you lightness; room to enjoy, reap the harvest, experience effectiveness and put magic and simple pleasure in your life. What's next on your horizon unfolds .

My Magic is to help you integrate this way of being where you are. It takes time and change to have it all. A true willingness to expand your awareness, courage to dive deep and explore and an openness to use new tools. I'm here to reveal potential, give you bearings and evidence to support new options. I offer insight and ways to diffuse the stress, clarify the confusion and dissolve the overwhelm. I provide clarity to know yourself, teach ways to connect to your personal power and demonstrate how you can create your destiny. I'll guide you to know and integrate your most efficient and fulfilling route of self development, life improvement and work success.

When we work together we're focused on your strengths and potential waiting for you. Developing your foundation and momentum, your vision and plotting your course. Your natural leadership will evolve out of self-knowing and you'll achieve fulfilling success with alignment to your talents, trust in yourself and your way. I'll help you gain momentum to experience more happiness, success after success on a regular basis that compounds each and every month. In your first session we'll get you feeling lighter, clearer, re-energized and optimistic. Over time we'll have you feeling rich in all areas of your life, radiating an aura of natural charisma and confidence that attracts clients and opportunities for your success.

Connection is key. Connection to information, wisdom, resources and to the universe are key to success. Connection with others of like mind brings empowerment, awareness and support. Participating in small classes or larger events you'll have the opportunity to meet learn, grow and mastermind with smart, caring, sharing, competent and committed people like yourself. Others brave enough to take a less known path and trust their inner calling, evolving ways of the past and developing win-win services and products. individual natural brilliance shines in the synergy of authentic support, shared vision and commitment to growth.

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