What lies ahead? Where are the opportunities? Support to bring your ideas to life.

Insight for confident decisions

Foresight to know your best timing

No one can totally predict the future, still forecasting plays a significant role in assessment, strategy and planning.
Industry specialists and professional strategists of all kinds constantly study movements, trends, cycles, shifts big and small, to forecast, make predictions, align and prepare. Such forecasts provide the lay of the land and points of reference to consider, work with and develop plans.

Strong insight sets us apart and giving us advantages most don't have. Increased depth of knowing and stronger trust in intuitive sense feeds confident decision making and empowered actions.
Great leaders and successful individuals know the significant power in seeing what's coming and positioning well for what's forming and unfolding. In the West few know and tap into the power of the invisible forces; less known cycles and advantages at play. Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui and Metaphysics have been used for thousands of years by royalty, emperors and leaders to rule, predict outcomes, strategize and get ahead. Around the world many millionaires, billionaires and purpose-driven leaders quietly receive similar guidance today for their lives, businesses and personal empires. They knew and they know the value and power of significant insight. There is no doubt in the unparalleled advantage of tapping into invisible support; awareness and alignment with energy and nature. I  work with entrepreneurs, individuals and small business owners who are managing and growing their own empires and their personal vision of success. People committed to achievement with life balance, happiness, positive impact and personal excellence.

Where the best of yourself meets the best of the year

Schooled and practiced in these esoteric arts you get unique guidance in personal consultation or small group training sessions teaching you how to plan with Numerology and Astrology. Sharing  personal observations and experience along with practical insights provide you with 
  • useful perspective related to the year ahead interwoven with foresight specific to your personal needs and curiosity. 
  • Insight into the opportunities, potential, and changes on the horizon. 
  • Simple ways to take advantage of invisible forces at play in your own business, vision or venture. 
In consultation you have a guide . Someone practiced in pulling together pieces from a variety of sources giving you specifically what you need to merge the best of yourself with the best of your year. 

Optimistic and positive awareness of potential, challenge and change helps you to prepare, feel empowered and confident to move forward making the most of what's coming your way.Your elevated confidence and creativity, inspires curiosity and fuels excitement for the year ahead.  Your energy and optimism attracts more of what you want in you life. New business, relationships, better health, greater success.

Creative energy in plotting your course
 I love working with long time (and new) clients to look at the year ahead. Many are women in transition, entrepreneurs, creatives, holistic professionals and unexpected leaders creating "lifestyle businesses" interweaving passion, purpose, health, wealth and happiness into everyday practice. (A real journey rather than overnight success). 

Starting with numerology we affirm your focus and and where you are in your own personal cycle. You bring your key pieces of life and business, goals, needs and aspirations to the table and I look for astrological support and timing. Of course my years of experience and broad spectrum of knowledge comes too.

If you're thinking of taking a big risk we can see just how risky it is. Perhaps more feasible and likely of success than you think. Or perhaps there are warning signs I can bring to light and save you time, energy and money you'd rather not waste.

Want to launch a social campaign? Let's see if you have "stars" in your chart for talent recognition or fame. On home ground or international.  

Is this the year to launch a new business, go into partnership or find a love of your life?
 Is this one of those years you're better to invest in education and personal development in preparation to gain in wealth and authority in a more favourable year. 

Just because opportunities and good fortune is in your chart, there are no guarantees. You don't just get it; awareness, action and alignment are key.  

These session feed confidence and confirm inner sense and can make the difference between missing opportunities, incremental or incredible success. Help avoid mistakes, losses and unreasonable stress.

I bring as much or as little to the table as you feel ready, can digest and afford.
You give me your time and date of birth to  print off your charts. We come together with positivity and focus, put our brilliant minds, wisdom and experience together to create your strategy for success. It's sweet working together quarter to quarter, year to year with compounding interest, carry forward understanding, congruency and success. 
Good fortune and key Elements for You in 2019
The year of the Pig 

Is this your year to be recognized?

A year to rise in success?

Or is this the year to buckle down and study - 
Lay low preparing for an opportune time

Is this  your year for
Academic success

Opportunities for Profits, Cash or Property luck

You get insight into the year ahead so you can be ready for opportunities and events as they arise and choose optimum times for change. 

BaZi Chinese Astrology
90 Minute 
Clarity Session
for you and your 
soul-powered Business
A way to plan, feels good and makes sense
Big picture perspective of your Year ahead 

Plot your course 
for 2019 
A unique planning session that feels good and makes sense and truly resonates with who you are.
  • knowing where you have invisible advantages
  • with confirmation of your intuitive knowing
  • aligned with your highest self.
Annual &
Quarterly Strategy
Vision 2019
A half day retreat to anchor your intent, create and share your own pictorial canvas of your year ahead 
At any given time I work privately and with handful of leading-edge, intuitive, creative entrepreneurs and holistic professionals.  I also go out on the road to talk to and work with small groups.

I'm yet to meet an entrepreneur who knew in their decision to go into business for themselves, their choice for 
 freedom, enjoyment and wealth was to be the beginning of a spiritual path. Over the years it became clear, spirituality in business is simply the process of bringing the invisible into the physical form. Manifesting your ideas and dreams into reality. It's a journey of self discovery, trusting and translating invisible sense and soul calling into the reality of fulfillment and success. It is simply the natural development of expanding awareness to find answers to challenges along the way. A process of moving into authentic alignment and personal mastery.

A leading edge entrepreneur's path is one of courage, faith and trust in oneself; it's what I call the Unfolding way. The challenge of being on the leading edge is you're in the creative process and you're the first to bring it to form.  The yang energy drive of clear focus and practical action meets the creative, intuitive yin energy of stillness, allowing and openness to receive. Laws of attraction, cause and effect all come into play. I've made it my business to help you move out of the chase, relieve the judgement, develop momentum, real growth and success.

 Let's blend Strategy, natural cycles and Intuition 
to amplify your Business results.