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SUCCESS for YOU in 2019
For thousands of years rulers, royalty, emperors and presidents have employed advisers. Advisers skilled in Numerology, Astrology and Metaphysics for insight to rule dynasties and countries and ultimately win their wars.  Around the world, many millionaires, billionaires and leaders receive similar guidance quietly for their lives, businesses and empires today. They knew, and they know of such valuable insight, and the unparalleled advantage of tapping into invisible support. They know and they trust, they are clear of the results that come with aligning with cycles of energy and nature.

I'm going to bring practical insights and useful perspective of what we can expect in the year ahead. Unique foresight for your own life and simple ways to take advantage of invisible forces at play in your business. Come learn and be inspired, feed your confidence and curiosity with fresh perspective on challenges and change. Leave excited with ideas of how you can tap into opportunities coming this way.

Brampton Lions Health and Wellness Expo
Saturday March 16, 2019     10am - 4 pm
Century Gardens Recreation Center (Vodden & Rutherford) Brampton, ON
Bring cash for mini-readings,  holistic service samplings and wonderful products

Spirit Inspired Messages & Numerology

Come join us for Tea and an afternoon of ‘Spirit Inspired Messages & Numerology.     Arlene will provide random messages to those in attendance, letting spirit guide the afternoon with messages given from those who wish to join us. Judy-O will be demonstrating the practicality of Numerology, sharing insights hidden in birth dates, and numbers repeating in your life.

DATE: Sunday, May/June 2019 TBA     TIME: 2:00 - 3:30pm   arrival 1:30pm sharp

COST: $tba  Price includes Tea. 

Limited seating. Advance registration only. 

If you have a group of your own. Please call 647 222 2889 to discuss.

Tea At The Corner,
22 Ontario Street
(corner of Wellington & Ontario)
Alliston, Ont L9R 1H8

 When you have a clear vision and true sense of direction your focus and energy shifts from confusion and doubt onto a bigger vision and confident choice.

With one day away from it all these women's lives got better. They invested time in themselves and their future to gain clarity, insight and far-sight. They took what's they've been imagining in their minds of work and lifestyle balance and embodied something they believe they can achieve.
Overwhelm moved into a thing of the pass and excitement feeds the next steps and decisions.

By taking this time to consider what you really want, what you want your future to look and feel like, you are trying on a fresh future version of you. A version free from the struggle and doubt enjoying the financial means and life style, freedom to be yourself and achieve without doubt. As you connect to the freedom and travel you've imagined and always wanted to do, you actually start activating the energy of creation and connect your future with your power to create now. 

Studies show that clear visualization works. It gives you something tangible to aim for and boosts self-belief. Your vision canvas will be a reminder on days that aren't so great, keeping you motivated and engaged over the long term. 

A clear vision and certainty of their personal desires and vision resulted in past participants experiencing increased business, improved relationships, new love, greater happiness, more money and more consistent levels of peace. Is that what you want?

Give yourself a day to re-balance, re-focus and re-energize.

Time to break away from the interruptions or the solitude of doing it all alone and connect with other smart and kind, empowering others in their unique way. Be in an environment supportive to remembering who you are, knowing what you truly want and refreshing the way you see yourself, your life and your future. 

Get a clear sense of what you want. Take home a vision canvas to inspire, remind and support you here forward; every step of the way.

Small group, supplies and lunch for Special price $169

Next date soon to be announced    
 9:30 arrival 
 10am - 4:30pm 
King City, Ontario at the beautiful Sherwood Farm  


This day retreat provides the space and time to get clear, confirm and align your head with your heart.  A time to capture what you truly want in a visual canvas, and get the clarity you need to confidently and effectively create the results and fulfillment you truly desire; your way.

Come open to insight, inspiration and meaningful breakthrough. Transformation happens in a fun and enlightening, enriching and supporting environment. Use this day to start your ball rolling to thrive, prosper and live a more delicious life of well-being, happiness and success

Mindset exercises and meditation will help quiet the mind so you can hear your heart. Clarity will come and excitement will bubble in the process of creating your personal Vision Canvas. Enjoy connection and interesting conversation over a delightful home cooked lunch with others of like commitment, like-mind and heart. Afternoon sharing and mastermind expands your vision, your reach and resources. Start your Transformation journal and in the following 11 months you'll receive reflections to feed your transformation and fuel your momentum in bringing your vision to life.