Your life by Design Vision Board

The Moon and cosmic influences power up your vision board and support you in the process of creating. Add the power of numerology and take it to a new level as you create a collage of your intentions aligned to your own cycle.  Come capture your intentions and define your vision while increasing your power to manifest your desires. Vision plays a key role in success. POWER UP you and your vision board and get profound results this year.

 Vision boards (aka dream boards) have been created for years as tools of manifestation. A montage of pictures from magazines and images reflecting desired outcome serve as regular reminders of our aspirations and how we want our life to be. 

In this workshop we take both You and your vision board to a new level. We amplify the energy for action and attraction. You will learn (or be reminded) of powerful invisible energies that can be infused in this process to get you faster and more fulfilling results.

    As we work with the numerology, you'll increase your confidence to trust your hunches and the sense you already have for this year ahead.  There's power in that ! Then...

Power up with...

    • the cosmic energy of this Spring Equinox, New Moon and Solar Eclipse available to us on this day

Power up with 

    • images that are aligned mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

Power up with...

    • clear direction,  greater certainty and the support knowing your timing using Numerology derived from your birth date

Power up with...

    • fresh perspectives  and realizations that will naturally clear blocks that have limited you in manifesting 'til now 

....and Power up with expanded awareness and conscious intent aligned to your values and beliefs

We will  use natural vibrational energy mists and flower essences to clear, align and energize you and your creation. Energy will be amplified in the room and the process as we do this together with others of like mind and values.

Come capture your dreams, vision, desire and energy into a powerful anchor of intent. Get in the flow and see your vision come to fruition faster than ever before.

Between now and the class collect specific pictures and magazines of interest and bring them with scissors, glue and markers of your choice.  Bristol board will be provided.

Join me for an afternoon of fun, interactive, enlightening and creative learning. Leave with the beginning of your powerful vision board along with clarity, confidence and increased vibration for success.


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Take you and  your business to  a new level this year! 


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