Speaker & Conversationalist

I so love to be a guest speaker. To present or be part of a panel, group conversation or interview. I love to share my experience, knowledge and perspective to enlighten and inspire groups connecting less known knowledge and benefits to everyday life and business.  Whether a casual gathering of friends in a home or cottage, sitting on the floor in a Yoga Studio, Standing up front in at an Expo or facilitating a breakout group at a conference I'm there. It brings me great pleasure to travel and participate in retreats across Canada and internationally. Want to create a retreat? I have a lovely group of associates and colleagues in related and complimentary fields to participate in organized events.

 With embodied knowledge and stories to tell each presentation is tailored to the focus and nature of the group. So too is the length and depth of class or seminar. Below are 2 regular presentations.

Numerology for Clarity, Peace and Progress in Your Life, Your relationships and Your Business

What does 2+0+1+5 mean for Your life, Your relationships and  Your Business this year?

What do the numbers in your Birth date say about you?

Feel empowered knowing what is significant about the current year, see how knowing your life path, your talents and your personal timing cycle provide clarity to plan, peace from judgement and blame and progress that comes with focused energy and action. 

 Fun, informative, even life-changing. Bring your questions, your birth date and challenge and I'll demonstrate how Numerology can help you have Clarity, Peace and Progress.

Magic of the Mists

This fun and light presentation introduces you to the benefits of Essential oils and the Vibrational Essences of crystals and flowers made in my own garden.  I share the simple background and explain the expansiveness of the energy and synergy of benefits in each blue bottle.  As everyone feels the shower of the mist embrace their aura and experience the transformational synergy for themselves  I share stories and applications. It's so much  fun to see the qualities of the mist prove themselves right in front of your eyes. In our time together be amazed and uplifted by nature's wonderful energies of earth, plant and sky.  

Mists are available to purchase.