Transformational Tuesdays

Make Tuesdays your night to  fill up and feel liberated. Each weeks topic will provide new understanding with fresh perspective, practical knowledge and different ideas. 

Feel safe and comfortable exploring and expanding your knowledge of life-balance, energy, healing and spirituality in a down-to-earth way. Invest in a couple of hours a week and see the positive ripple effect benefit you, your loved ones, your friendships and your work.

    • Overturn limiting beliefs with new awareness and understanding
    • Feel empowered and empowered with new tools and awareness to create a better life.
    • See  yourself and your relationships through fresh eyes.
    • Enjoy interesting conversations and shared wisdom with others of like mind
    • Relieve anxiety and stress experience more peace and happiness.
    • Find your way to create success; health, wealth and happiness
Come, weekly, monthly or once in a while  
Useful wisdom - Contagious enthusiasm

 7:20pm - 8:40pm      The Rock Shop, Bolton      $25

Bring your evening coffee, water or tea, a pad and pen to take notes Dress comfortable in layers.  Bring business cards to connect (not sell)

 9 Easy Ways to relieve Mind Chatter and Stress.  Ready for easy relief?  Different times, people and situations call for different techniques. Come fill up your personal tool bag with both the experience and knowledge to easily quiet the mind, come back to balance and feel peaceful within. Feel clearer and better as the evening progresses; amazing by the time you go home. Sleep like a baby knowing you can use these techniques again and again for yourself.  MAY 24

Free yourself from avoidance & procrastination and move forward with deep-felt confidence.  With my  special guest Karen Heyward we'll discover and experience Belief Clearing. A super-quick way to permanently dissolve limiting programs and patterns from our energy field & physical nervous system. Join us if you are ready to replace out-dated beliefs with new heart-centered perspective that’s freeing, supportive and nurturing. Go home with a new level of confidence. JUNE 7

Numerology for Clarity and Confident choice.  Come see how numerology can take doubt out of decision-making and boost your confidence with fresh perspective.  Get evidence to confirm what you intuitively know as I explain what the numbers mean. If you'd like to share your birth date and challenge, I'll use it to demonstrate how we find solutions.  Spend an enjoyable evening with others of like-mind discovering numerology. Be amazed by what it reveals about ourselves, our relationships and our lives.  JUNE 14

The magic of the mists. Come discover how a tiny little droplets of water hold a profound spectrum of vital energy. Learn about the natural healing benefits of medicine plants, flowers and crystals.  This fun and light presentation introduces you to the mists and the reason the ingredients lighten the spirit, feed the soul, dissolve and transform stress.  Learn and experience the difference between essential oils and essences and the benefits each of them bring. See the qualities of the mist prove themselves right in front of our eyes as everyone feels the shower of the mist embrace their aura and experience the synergy for themselves. Stories and applications will be shared.  There's laughter, reverence and relief to be experienced as we share in the wonder of earth, plant and sky energy captured in a pretty blue bottles. JUNE 21


     SEPT 20th      OCT  18th         NOV 15th       DEC 13th

 Past & Future topics

Habits and comfortable patterns that get in the way of what we really want. What are they? How can we see them   

Reflective Writing to Thrive. Writing or journalling  is a phenomenal tool for self exploration and problem solving.  It's empowering to know yourself and your life at a deeper level and know what's next after seeing your life from a broader perspective. This frequent practice is a valuable way to discover your true motivations, make decisions and integrate what's important back into your life and work. TBA

What's your life star? A feng shui perspective of your characteristics , suitable job roles and favourable directions to sleep and work  TBA

The Spirit of plants and their Healing Power with guest speaker Victoria Gentlebird Wilde  Learn about the healing benefits of Medicine Plants, Flower essences, Sacred Sage, Cleansing Cedar and so much more.... Victoria will share many Native teachings on how to  use these sacred gifts of the earth  TBA   Read more

Have you ever wondered why you see dimes or feathers in odd places, or numbers that repeat themselves? Have you ever felt like there was someone helping you with your decisions or keeping you out of harm’s way? You are not alone. Come and discover Angels and how to bring them into your life. Special guest speaker Barbara Kawa we will be discussing and learning about Angels. What they are, who they help, ways they can help, some of the signs that they are near, how you can receive the Angels’ messages in a way you can see, hear, feel and know their love, guidance, support and protection in your everyday life.   TBA

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