A quick connect  

Fresh perspective, some help gaining clarity or understanding. An emotional re-balance,  a mental re-frame or a mini-mastermind might be all you need to get unstuck or out of a challenging moment.

Sometime we aren't  So "off-track" that we need a full session and yet we could use a brief conversation, a bit of insight or guidance to come back to center. An idea to get you going or someone safe to talk over some ideas with.

This mini session is designed to fill the gap between classes, consultations and coaching. Instead of procrastinating or wasting time, effort and money; hung up or unproductive book a quick session and sigh with relief. Nourish your spirit, Reclaim peace of mind and emotional harmony. Connect and master-mind for clarity, inspiration, resources or ideas.

It can be a few minutes of open and enlightening conversation, fresh perspective or mentoring to something you've learned in a workshop. Help to bounce back from something that's triggered you emotionally or blocking you from moving forward.    A few minutes and fresh perspective can soothe anger rising, break the loop of stories circling around in your head and relieve emotional anguish churning in your stomach. Give you an idea that's provides breakthrough.

No matter how intelligent, intuitive or competent we may be, there are times when it's nice to know that we have 

someone who listens without judgement or criticism - someone who's been there and has wisdom to share. 

Someone to help you explore your options and asks thought-provoking questions that provide relief

Someone who can give eagle perspective when all you can see is trees

Someone who can compassionately identify your emotional charge and help you resolve it quickly

Someone with resources and research that can save you a whole bunch of time and lead you to people you can trust

Someone who's on your side and focused on your success. Someone who with a simple conversation can help you come back to center and emotional balance, inspire you with ideas and provide leads to resources and solutions.

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Back to Center

The session got juicy, and more in depth so by your request we extended it 

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