Big Picture Perspective & Personal Planning Session

This is a big session.  If you've got lots on your plate or big ideas- this is for you. We dig in for two and a half hours dedicated to unraveling challenges, playing with ideas, clarifying direction and priorities. Expect to be inspired, excited and relieved by opportunities that reveal themselves as we sort things out and make sense of current experiences. This is totally unique session in which we will explore your options and develop a sychronistic plan to connect where you are now with where you want to be. 

Plan for when you'll get the best results in the easiest way
Starting with the big picture, we'll combine insightful forecasting (referencing astrology and numerology) with intentional planning. I'll help you bridge the gaps, relieve over-whelm and diffuse frustration. You'll leave with greater clarity and a plan for you to experience progress in a whole different way.

Using long and short-term forecasts

This kind of planning helps you sync with your needs, your family and your work. Turn wasted stress energy into productivity, and experience the ease that comes with an aligned path.  Clarity and effective planning offers a way to let go of  habitual racing and enjoy more fulfillment in life and business.  Who needs the worry, guilt and anxiety that comes with not knowing where to focus your efforts?   We'll integrate 4 of the famous 7 habits for highly effective people as we plan: Begin with the end in mind, put first things first, synergize and think win-win.

What would it do for you to have peace of mind and order?   To be in sync and living in the flow .

Do you want to feel empowered and relieved?

Has it been a while? 

IT'S TIME  to feel the freedom that comes along with being Happy, Productive and Clear.

Let's do it... lets get you in Sync with your natural cycle and in the Flow of your life path 

  A single planning session can change your life - your year - the next few months    You choose...

In your session we'll combine a big picture, wholistic approach to your success with where you are now, the resources you have available with the the goals you want to achieve.  We will land and create order out of all the pieces you have floating around.. We'll sync your heart's desire, work, play, health and your family too.

Before we meet I'll use your birth information given to recognize key influences for you this year

 Astrological insight for stability and growth.
Astrological insight of your career and Life direction
Numerological insight of your key areas to focus and how to maintain harmony at home

You'll have a worksheet for your Numero-logical plan

Bring your calendar/day timer/lap top and you can plot your plans right in.  Be amazed what clarity and co-creative energy can do to bring you peace of mind, and increase your confidence and productivity. The two and half hours will fly by.
This process doesn't have to be hard or serious to be effective.  Let's have fun in the process of creating you a personalized strategic plan.  It's so much nicer when you have someone to do it with.  Someone on your side, empathic and understanding of your emotions.  Someone with intuition, ideas, insight and clarity to see the wood from the trees.  Someone who knows how to create balance, happiness and success in the months ahead authentically and realistically.

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If you've recently had a session with me - adjustments are available- give me a call
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