Powerful tools and Intuitive guidance to create a life and business aligned to your nature and soul purpose

 Get Clear of what's next and feel confident to make heart-driven choices and conscious decisions for you, your life and your business.

I'm here to give you enlightening perspective to feel both centred and empowered during change, development, growth and transformation

To help you Know Yourself better,  Make Sense of relationships and circumstances and find relief in struggle, delay and challenges

You're done with struggle aren't you? 

Enough of survival-  Ready to Thrive?

Make this your 

No more compromise - out of this rut - off of the treadmill year?

Your year to break-through and break-free

Sometimes it's easier said than done. Then it's nice to have someone who can help you get oriented and create a strategy to experience more fulfillment and different results. Someone to inspire you with authentic enthusiasm and connect you to resources and feasible options. Leadership to what you personally need. I am here to empower you with insight, education and new resources that serve you (and your family) now and forward into your wonderful unfolding future. 

You my friend are on a courageous, unfolding, soul-satisfying transitional path that requires new measures of success, trusting your intuition, wholistic awareness and an innovative way of integration. There will be days you will wonder "What am I doing?"" How did I get here?" Your rational mind will ask "Am I crazy to leave the well-worn path and do it my way?" and your soul will respond "Is that really the way of your happiness?".  In this journey you'll find the leader in yourself, the brilliance in the Divine plan and enjoy the health, riches and fulfillment that comes with trusting your soul path.

 Here to help you, I can tell you from my own experience you're on a journey of unexpected fullfilment, growth beyond belief as you naturally create a legacy with lots of stories to tell.

Let's make sense of your situation and have you moving forward feeling empowered, confident and clear in your decisions and direction 

judyonorato@sympatico.ca         647 222 2889 

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In a single moment Fresh perspective can change what we think, how we feel and what we do next 

Resonate with possibility and doors open instantly 

Numero-logical perspective confirms our gut-instincts and supports confident decisions

Expanded awareness reveals new options, potential and resources that couldn't be seen before