Transformational Insight & Business Development for                                                                    creative and holistically focused business owners and professionals.

Instead of pushing and striving for success- Create it

attract opportunities and create a life you love, trusting your own inner compass. Enjoy harmony, health, happiness and success as a direct result of being yourself and using your unique ability, passion and purpose in service to others.

In collaborative sessions, I will help you see your life and business from the big picture perspective.   Known for my visionary sense and ability to recognize connections many miss, I am able to help you to  get the parts working together. Taking action with this expanded awareness saves time, energy and money in guess work, trial and error.   We uncover what is authentic and true to you.  Strategy sessions, coaching and classes give you the insight, knowledge and tools to make synergy and synchronicity your default operating system. Business develops, grows and unfolds in an organic way. Life and business is easier, richer and satisfying in this natural evolutionary process.  Wise choice and clarity feeds a charismatic confidence that attracts opportunities and connections naturally.

 Coach,  Guide, Consultant call me what you will - I work as your collaborative partner

New venture,  Develop a hobby into a business, Clarify your path, Expand existing business

Understand and use the energy of your location and work space to increase your business success