Business Programs 

     "Judy is a wealth of knowledge.  Business by Design helps you see your life and business a unique way.  It has helped me take charge of what is important, set realistic goals and let go of the things that were holding me back.  The course helped me develop a confident, clear, focused direction and vision for my business.  It has been a positively life-changing experience.  Thanks Judy!"   Enza Caledon

You're doing business in a new way. Perhaps innovating traditional work to better serve those who use it or for you to do what you're good at with less stress, politics and conflict.  You're in business for your self because you want balance, harmony, happiness and success. You are creating a business that is in alignment with your values, your natural talent and your caring nature. To prosper financially is important, but not at the cost of your soul. These programs are designed and created to support you with natural order growth in an effective, empowering soul-satisfying way.

The programs and classes have been developed from my challenges, learning and growth as an entrepreneur.  The tools, knowledge and resources I share will help you lay a firm foundation and help you build or expand your business organically. I will short-cut you years of research, observation, learning and validation saving you thousands of hours and dollars and getting you results in your business much sooner.  The benefits of these programs further influence and improve things at home, in relationships, health and well-being. Happiness your priceless commodity.

Expect to be inspired by new and innovative ideas along with shared experiences of fellow professionals. What you learn here will feed and affirm your marketing, business plan and customer relations.  Clarity and confidence to trust your intuition and natural cycles will save you time, effort and money.  Empowered you will attract the clients, support and resources you not only need but desire.

 Intuition meets intelligence         Spirituality meets practical action.

The path of a solo professional can be a little lonely and intimidating to walk alone. Learning in an open environment of light-hearted, dedicated individuals who value sharing and mutual success, weaves friendship and fun into a rich tapestry of knowledge, experience, wisdom and insight.

Feel nourished as you move from where you are to where you want to be in a class with others equally committed to discovery, growth and creation of more happiness, success and fulfillment.

My leadership style is not formal, forceful or rigid, but not to be confused with lax. Holding space and allowing an organic process is not an excuse for sequential order, promptness, preparedness and respect on your part or mine. Likewise - no Drill-Sargent approach of accountability. It's not my nature and often stops us sensitive and creative folks in our tracks; Choosing this program you value purpose, presence and engagement.
The brilliance of each participant will enrich the program with sharing. You are encouraged to share your story or experience to infuse discussion, illustrate for understanding and as an opportunity apply our learning and creative ideas.

Essences & Mists are often available to use in the classroom


 Not only will you save your valuable resources of time, energy and money, you will also save yourself frustration and self-criticism.  

If you are like me, you'll find yourself consistently feeling lighter, free-er and happier while you 
tweak and refine your business and life together.

 The path of the inspired entrepreneur take courage and faith and can't be abandoned even in the most challenging moments. 

Personal, Business & Spiritual growth walk hand in hand as the Way unfolds before us.

  trust your intuition and the creative feminine way

     know, love and feel confident in yourself 

 clear the way - have it all

 calm the mind,  give yourself space and awareness to hear your spirit's call

 co-create a life of health, happiness, harmony

 build a business that makes a difference