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We have a huge influence on the life that we live. The more willing we are to expand our consciousness awareness, use unseen energetic support and take responsibility for our choice available in each moment; we have an option for greater well being (less stress) and creative (growth and development) of ourselves and our lives.  Aligned on all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) we can manifest our desires and realize our dreams almost magically.

Come together with others of like mind, similar challenges and desires
Create Life Balance and Success for:  

Women in Business         Wellness professionals      New Graduates    Clarify and Create a future you love
Create Harmony, Health and Better Relationships

I would love to teach you this brilliant creative process for you to gently shift, heal & Create Life Balance and Success

A life you absolutely Love 

If you are ready for positive change...

This is the first in a series to bring innovative change to your existing circumstances

feel greater confidence and get clear on your path

heal old wounds and have happier relationships

enjoy better health & greater peace of mind 

 break through barriers     meet a new Lover

 Travel to exicting places   attract a great job

...the posibilities are endless - the desire starts with you.

The Foundation

 In 2003 I came across Jan Spiller's New moon Astrology book* It's a wonderful tool and fabulous point of reference. We'll spend the morning learning the process I've developed and the afternoon putting it into action

New Moon Astrology book

Bring  your personal copto the class; or purchase at the rock shop.       We are going to use it right away.  

10:30am-12:30pm  We'll set the foundation You will receive a work book to ready-reference. I explain the process I have crafted since 2003 and share wisdom and insight beyond the pages of the book.

 1:15pm - 4:30pm. Put what you learned into action. Scheduled perfectly to use the energy of the Taurus New Moon we'll bridge the gap between the concepts and the process. How many times have you learned something in a class and when you get home  you  wish you had someone to guide you and answer your questions? You'll get both personal attention and benefit from the synergy of the group. We'll use real examples shared by participants.  You'll leave with greater confidence and expanded awareness for better results sooner.

Expect this Life Changing class to be fun, enlightening and informative... This is a skill for Life!

*Book not included- available for purchase

Monthly Drop-in after completing foundation workshop.

There is something special about connecting regularly with others of like mind and similar values.  Others also committed to the development of personal mastery with life balance as a priority. These insightful, creative sessions are facilitated to offer discussion of shared success and challenges. I bring insight of current influences and resources to support your path.

Take this knowledge to a even greater level combined with conscious Synergy and Synchronicity and right timing.