Creative Business  Planning

Clarify your business philosophy, brand and approach with the support of two independent accomplished holistic business owners sharing ideas, resources and guidance. Feel your confidence grow as your vision blossoms and you get clear and aligned in a weekend.

This empowering  and clarifying weekend is for those who don’t have time, money or energy to waste. This holistic approach to business is for sole-proprietors and small to mid-size business owners who value wellbeing and authenticity.  This weekend discovery and clarifying process is designed to take the stress and frustration out of the development and alignment of your business. Join us and start laying the foundation for long-term success. You’ll get clarity to make empowered decisions and direction to take action right away.

You'll get valuable feedback and clarity as we explore, discover and discuss

  • Your niche, ideal clients and your personal style
  • Where and when to use different marketing options
  • Ideas and resources  for website, business card, brochure design and content
  • Ways to build and grow your business more easily and steadily
  • Tools for better planning
  • Creative and holistic business models and practices
  • Your personal timing cycle to strategize and plan your approach and action

Increase your clarity and confidence to

  • Develop and refine your ideas
  • Market effectively 
  • Feel confident networking, building business relationships
  • Attract clients and develop a referral system
  • Make effective decisions
  • Plan and do what's next 

This program has been developed and is presented by myself Judy Onorato with my friend and colleague Sabine Cox. As independent  business owners we have each tried and tested many different ways to stay authentic, while creating  a viable business of our own. Now we share our wisdom and experience with You.

Sabine will help you to find your own expression in your approach to business, marketing and communication.  Using reflective tools and creative exercises she will help you find the right expression for your business. Get useful information about marketing resources. Get ideas and tools for setting up websites, designing business cards and writing brochures.  

I will help you align your business to yourself and your path in life using Numerology and  Astrology.  Sabine will demonstrate and help you apply practical benefits of Numerology in planning your work. She will show you how you can use insight of your personal character and strengths in your marketing, sales and service to build a stronger business faster.    

Each of our teachings inter-relate. You will be integrating new knowledge and awareness into our business while you learn. You will leave feeling inspired, enlivened and prepared with relevant information to effectively continue to develop and grow your business.   

Clarify and refine what's right for you and your way to achieve the results you desire

You are in good hands with us. What could take you weeks, months even years to recognize and develop you’ll be able to do in a weekend with guidance, wisdom, business acumen and feedback from 2 experienced and accomplished professionals.

A maximum of 8 business owners in the program allows for plenty of one-to-one assistance, while at the same time giving space for connecting with, hearing, and learning from others who have similar goals and challenges as your own. 


Spring and Fall 2016

Details coming 

If you're interested let me know- It's a small class that you won't want to miss

Location:  King/ Newmarket/ Cookstown area. 

Contact us with your questions and/or to reserve your space: Judy  647 222 2889        Sabine  416 889 5291

15 professional development hours for CPCA members  (others please inquire with your association)

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This three day workshop is a collaborative event with Sabine Cox 

 Sabine Cox, RIHR, MPCP is a psychotherapist and counsellor in private practice in Richmond Hill.   Member CPCA  CHATA She is founder of Soul-Spirit Integration and The Livingbridge  Centre for Social Evolution. Her formal studies include Robert Sardello on the 'Spiritual Psychology of Fear', professional training in 'Spiritual Psychotherapy' at the Transformational Arts College, and additional training in 'Grief Therapy and Grief Counselling' with Breyer State University in Alabama. Sabine brings years of experience with inter-human communication in all areas of work, life, and business. Her solid background in finances and administration combined with her ability to easily connect with people provides a foundation for her clients to discover their own strengths, uncover forgotten or hidden knowledge, and find individual and unique answers to their questions.   As a psychotherapist working in a holistic framework, Sabine has a special interest in helping practitioners of the healing arts build viable practices, deepen their ethical understanding, and expanding and deepen the scope of their work.