Make Tuesdays your night to fill up and feel liberated. Taking 90 minutes for yourself will have rippling benefits from you to your family, to your friends and your work. Join others of like-mind to have some fun exploring, learning and experiencing new ways to have more peace, more harmony and life balance. Leave with new energy and wisdom to ride the waves of life.   A small investment for huge return.    $36 per class.                                                               

Learn How you can....
Revitalize and improve your life with New Moon Astrology
Tuesday Sept 20, 2016  7:20-8:40pm
We'll talk about the cycles of the moon, their power and purpose. I'll introduce you to Jan Spiller's book New Moon astrology (bring your copy if you have one) and share how we can move out of our own way and use the beneficent moon cycles to live and create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.
Shift out of anxiety, stress and feeling low
Tuesday October 4, 2016  7:20-8:40pm   
Saturday November 5th, 2016  10:30am - noon
We all have moments. Life's easier and better when we can take the value out of the experience and shift out of the stressed state into feeling better, for longer stretches of time, more often, quickly and easily. Learn and experience techniques to do so.
Feel confident in change and uncertain times
Tuesday November 15, 2016  7:20-8:40pm  
Saturday December 3rd,2016   10:30am - noon
It's human nature to want the security and comfort of the known and predictable. Yet we also want new and better times and experiences. Thrown a surprise or curve-ball  transition can be especially challenging. Learn how you can ride the waves of change and feel confident in the uncertainty.
Break-free from mind chatter, criticism and negative thinking
Tuesday November 29, 2016 7:20-8:40pm
Mind-chatter and criticism can so easily lower our self-worth, self esteem and productivity.
It often contributes to fear and anxiety. Come learn and experience tools and ways you can minimize the impact, experience more peace and use the wasted energy to transform your life and well-being instead. Go home with peace of mind.
Stay centered amidst family dynamics & holiday stress
Tuesday December 13, 2016 7:20-8:40pm  
Saturday December 10th 2016   10:30am - noon
Dynamics between family members, friends or work associates can contribute to stress and unhappiness given the chance. The irony is that these people are actually your greatest gift offering you insight to feel happier and enjoy a more rewarding life.  For part of the class we can have fun using yours and their birth date to demonstrate numerology as a way to find understanding relief and change to your frustration. Also learn other ways to diffuse stress.
Experience personal and life transformation each week ...

Connect with others of like mind and values

Ask questions - share observations and successes

Explore the topic through discussion, demonstration and shared wisdom of experience

Learn about energy, holistic options and spiritual solutions

Increase your awareness, understanding and knowledge as you are introduced to and guided in the experience of effective tools and practices that will help you to  

shift, transform and find relief 

move ahead feeling empowered and confident

live a happier, healthier more fulfilling life

Invest in yourself - Feel enlivened and lighter for the experience.

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Rock Shop, 
18 King St. E.
Bolton, ON
Bring your evening coffee, water or tea, a pad and pen to take notes 
Dress comfortable in layers.