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You are the Designer of your life and

 the co-creator of your Success

Let's design, plan, strategize, discover, solve, clarify, transform and affirm for you to BE HAPPY, HEALTHY, LIVE WELL & PROSPERe well, be Happy Healthy- Thrive.


 Living with an entrepreneurial spirit you know; the more empowered, clear and confident you are, the easier everything flows.  You attract what you need, opportunities appear; there is a fullness and ease to life.  

If you are like me, you are creative and kind by nature. You value an holistic approach, quality and authenticity. You love really good food, the brilliance and beauty of nature.  Delightful experiences and good conversation rank high on your list, learning and growth feed your soul.  Mutual respect, flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency are key. You don't want your hand held to get things done. You choose expert advice and insight that comes with experience when the time is right.

Here  I offer unique coaching, counselling, consulting and education that combines personal, spiritual and business development. 

Life Balance and Energy are the common threads that run through and connect Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui, Essences and Mists.  Numerology and astrology are wonderful tools to understand ourselves and others; our purpose and our path. Also the art of right timing.  Feng Shui provides insight for design and best use of areas of our home, business and property.  What is influencing our current circumstance, potential and what can be changed.  Essences and Mists provide gentle energetic support and natural healing.

Classes and Coaching guide you to sync your true nature, your experience and desire. I'll help you understand challenging relationships and get clear of your path. Listen to your inner-calling and gracefully transform your life to be the best it can be.  Part free-will, part divine plan- with greater awareness and practice we can have it all- health, happiness, wealth and soul-satisfaction.  One-One or with others, enjoy discovery and learning of wonderful ways to feel vibrant, confident and empowered; live and create a life and/or business you love.

 A soul-successful life is rich with personal fulfillment on a consistent basis. It is continuously unfolding rather than a destination. It comes with better understanding of the true essence of our self, our relationships and our environment.

The vision and building of a soul-successful business is creative and ever-evolving. It is courageous journey; one that calls for personal, spiritual and business development in the process.  Trust and desire, intuition  and  intelligence are interwoven. There is a time for stillness and a time for right action.   Growth is organic.  We learn to lighten challenges with greater awareness and recognize opportunity for conscious choice.  Personal development and regular fulfillment of  desire increases competence and confidence   Serendipity and synchronicity is a way of life.  Holistic, authentic and real, your choices and business enrich you, your relationships and the world

You know in your gut, that this freedom based way is right for you ...and if  we are destined to work together you will know that too. Welcome, enjoy your look around.

It's time to do things differently or move into something new.  Seeking and discovery is part of this transitional time; looking for clarity and answers, finding certainty in uncertainty and proof to trust our feelings and choices. Normal optimism and confidence is often tested by doubt, fear or question of others around us.  If you want to maximize your strengths and create the life you want  empowered with proactive conscious choice You are in the right place at the right time

 Along my path of personal growth and business development I found Numerology, Astrology and Feng Shui to be wonderful tools.  Using them for analysis and interpretation since 1999 my intuitive ability blossomed.  Individually and collectively they provide valuable insight and a road map to help us navigate and understand our lives. This wisdom is helpful to enhance and improve our relationships with those who cross our paths and find more effective ways to interact and communicate authentically. We can better understand and appreciate life changes and challenges, and choose to seize the opportunity and realize potential, instead of getting bogged down and demoralized. With profound insight and greater awareness we can design, effectively create and live the life that resonates with our true nature.

Flower (and gem) essences created in my own garden are vibrational remedies. Some  I have combined with pure essential oils to create a line of delightful, effective energy mists. They all naturally support transformation and healing

It's a different path to soul-success

Listening to the call of the soul is a courageous transitional path. Normal measures of success don't work the same here and often create conflict, fear and doubt  to our normal optimism and confidence.

Achieve personal alignment- body, mind and spirit harmony

Working on both the energetic and practical level I guide my clients to reclaim their confidence to follow their heart's calling and find personal alignment within themselves and in relation to their current experiences and resources. 

Ready to be happy, healthy and fulfilled being true to you?

Here you will find unique programs, products and services that inspire, empower and support your growth and development in the process of creating something better for yourself and others.

The website is still being renovated. Please look around and see what piques your interest and calls you. I offer lots of options and we can see how they might suit your needs with a conversation. 

 If we are to work together you will know it. Trust your intuitive sense and feeling if it's there and call 647 222 2889 or send me an email: and let's take the first step on a path of fascinating discovery and wonderful experience.

I recently had a session with Judy and found it insightful to say the least!  Her intuitive wisdom coupled with her knowledge of the influence of numerology in my life and business had my perspective shifting in amazing ways.  I actually felt the shifts in my mind and body as a new creativity flowed within me; the blocks and uncertainty I had melted away. The solutions just clicked into place. My shoulders relaxed and a rhythm of excitement returned to my heart. 

I left feeling clear and focussed full of new ideas and the anticipation of implementing them.  Judy definitely is gifted, intuitive and wise. If you are feeling stuck, confused, or are just seeking solutions for your life or business, I would recommend Judy to help you transform the confusion into clarity!                                                                                                       Lisa Molinelli  Caledon, Ontario     December 2013 

 "I am still amazed to experience some of what your analysis uncovered so quickly as well as the accuracy, but most of all I learned so much from your teachings which opened a whole new world for me. I use the tools everyday, experience more happiness and an overall sense of peace and balance in my life. THANK YOU!! I am so exited to see what is coming next. " 

Edyne Plancy, Toronto.

Greater awareness for confident choice

"I  refer Judy because she has insight and experience I trust.  She is deeply committed to provide practical, personal and effective solutions. 

 She listens and makes you feel comfortable to share information.  She appreciates the gifts in people.  You will be charged fairly for her services."

Lori Beardmore 

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