You are the creator of your future

the choice maker of your life  

Action - Attraction- Success Momentum - Monthly Grad Group 

Monthly momentum is for "grads"  of  Action - Attraction- Success

Each month we come together to discuss and prepare to use the influencing  energy. This gathering provides an opportunity to deepen  both your trust and skill using this transformational practice.  It offers a wonderful forum to share and learn from each others challenges, personal experience and success.

Participating you become a part of a community of indiviuals dedicated to personal empowerment, growth and development, in the process of creating lives of wellbeing, balance and authentic success.


Currently there is Saturday and Wednesday  group scheduled each month in the week preceding the New Moon.

The 3 weeks in between I have reflective writing and conversation groups that compliment this group.


Each month these groups provide:

  • A time to stop and consider what's next for you, and have support in designing your intent.
  • Gain clarity and greater perspective of the current cosmic influences and best time for action.
  • An opportunity to understand and re-frame current challenging experiences, reflecting on the previous month's intent.
  • Consistency to feel confident in the process and expand knowledge and application. 
  • The space, guidance and community to share your successes and struggles in the process.
  • An opportunity to sample and experience the support of flower essences and mists in the classroom.
  • An affordable opportunity for regular Insight, ideas and inspiration to enlighten your path and deepen your practice.
  • A place to connect and develop relationships; benefit from the sharing of brilliance and wisdom of others.
 While this weekly group will be organic in process it is not to be confused with being lax or for valuing promptness and balanced participation any less. This is not a substitution for a personal session but certainly a cost effective compliment to one.
Feel free to bring food to eat while we work. I'll have tea and put the kettle on. Arrive by 10:15am with 15 mins to make tea and get settled in. 10:30- 12 noon  will include what's described above.  So that there's  enough time to chat 12 noon - 12:30pm there will be an opportunity for further inter-personal conversations and networking before leaving.  You may arrange continue with a lunch near by.