It's frustrating being lost and confused, unsure of where to turn for answers, unable to find clarity, find your direction your best next step. It's crazy making, knowing you're both smart and competent and yet here you are stuck in a void. Swirling in self-doubt and question, with the need for things to be different and for you to feel back in control again.

Within minutes of talking you'll feel a shift. You're going to get clarity and fresh energy. You're going to see clearly where you are right now, make sense  of and relieve current stress. Then with unconventional insight, fascinating foresight and confirmation for clear decisions, you'll have fresh perspective and a new level of energy to feel confident in your next step and action. Feel aligned and pointed in the direction of growth.

Creating a Life that Truly Resonates with your soul 
A business that lights you up, energizes you, 
with results that have you feeling happy and proud
is a growth filled Journey of Discovery, Design, Decisions, Creation and Action

Readings and mentoring sessions provide you with inspired insight and expanded awareness to
  • find your answers
  • foresee probable outcomes
  • discover and define your direction in life and business. 
Newsletters, workshops and seminars are here to help you to
  • find what's true
  • create more harmony between you inner and outer worlds 
  • increase your success in achieving your goals.
A Guide to Illuminate Your Way to Success & Life Fulfillment, 
in Times of Change and Uncertainty.

As a trusted consultant, guide, strategic planner and teacher I am here to support you in discovery and design. To give you insight and ideas, concepts and perspective to better understand, make better decisions and enjoy your journey of success in Life and Business.

Innovative, creative, optimistic and intuitive, I see things differently. I see potential, opportunities, invisible support and strong possibilities for you to tap into and achieve the success, peace, and satisfaction. Astrology, Numerology and practical Feng Shui are my tools. In work with you sessions, I read your charts (derived from your birth date), your personal blueprints and maps to happiness, peace, satisfaction and success. Conversation integrates unique and personal insight with guidance, planning and strategy. Together we align and optimize your business and efforts with universal energies, cycles and timing. I help you tap into practical metaphysical, spiritual and emotional power that gives you harmony, relief and an unprecedented edge in leadership and achievement.

If you...
... can feel you're destined to prosper and thrive
... believe in the power of emotion and energy
... value clarity and focus - the speed and impact it can make

Let's start with a conversation. Let's start with where you're at, what you want and where you are in the process of bringing it to life. Call 647 222 2889 or schedule here

Conscious Leaders, Inspired Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Healers and Fempire builders
understand the significant impact energy and alignment, and mindset and action have on quality of life and performance in business. 

Bringing intuition, authentic relationships and harmonious growth together with positive impact and profitable business is call for courage, commitment and endurance. Leading edge ideas, products and services calls for new measures, different tools and new ways of achieving bottom line results.

Guidance, insight, far-sight and experience in such is what you will find here. Along with a community of others who are on the same path. A path of personal mastery in alignment with ones' soul and making a difference sharing each one's unique talent. 

I'm here to help you help you to unravel the confusion, share such tools,  help you to effectively get results and connect with others who are on the same page. 

"Judy takes the pressure off and gives you back your decisive power that went off in a whirlwind of possibilities.
What she says makes sense, gives you confirmation and clarity you're moving in the right direction and you're on the right track.  Her confirming insights give you permission to trust yourself and the process, and feel confident in timing that's right. Judy O helps smart and conscious women get unstuck and feel lighter, whether the next step is to be at peace in the wait, move forward full of enthusiasm, or take that big leap of faith you know you really want to make."
Clarity and Confidence in changing and uncertain times.

Our minds hate change, uncertainty and overwhelm. We can feel like we're in a pressure cooker of doubt, judgment and urgency. The FREEDOM OF BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR, the overwhelm of choice, and the slowness of transition wasn't on the radar when we made the decision. Who knew we'd find ourselves caught in the axis of Optimism, Vision and Commitment to Success on one side and criticism, doubt and am I crazy? on the other.

While fear, lack and scarcity, other's options and answers trigger emotions left, right and center, your Soul is excited, in this new and exciting space to create. The void of potential and possibility that's yours to work with and shape to your heart's desire. The time is now to gracefully evolve into the fullest expression of yourself,  align to your truth and do work you love with a positive impact.

You've answered the call to Blossom & Thrive and I'm here to help get going, get unstuck or level up. To help you find and believe in, your uniqueness and nature, your offers, your clients and your vision. To give you clarity and guidance, to know your best options, and feel confident as you accomplish the outcomes you've been waiting to see.


Clarity to see different options, to clear inner conflict and evidence to trust yourself and your sense.
We connect the big picture, with small details, connect now with what you want and get you oriented, aligned and clear on next steps, best direction and timing.

It's a game-changing moment when you hear what's been so hard to pin-point for yourself. There, finally recognizable, making sense, resonating with both your heart and your mind. A feeling of relief and excitement, power and peace, all at the same time.


If You're looking for insight, growth, development and learning 
to get started or take you and your business to new heights
I'm here to help you Bloom, Baby, Bloom!

Enjoy the journey from the moment we begin

Here we combine the practicality of life and business,  with spiritual principles, energy, emotions and mindset to optimize your way of living a good life, building your business and becoming more of yourself.

Learn to live in a rhythm of discovery and design, growth and success that puts a smile on your face, energizes your spirit, satisfies your soul and increases your bottom line.

Let's get you feeling happy, effective and fulfilled, enjoying success sharing your wisdom, your talents and gifts, with the products you create and the services you provide.

Let me make it clear it's not fortune telling.
The fore-sight, far-sight and insights for the future you get from me is not fortune telling. No one can predict the future however forecasting gives you a proactive edge. Outcomes are not set in stone either. There are times in consultation I'll confirm for you to take action towards something specific you see, to find out later that what you couldn't see, something better was around the corner, out of sight at the time of your consult. Intentionally making the move is what opens the door to something better, something different or more.

I work with the premise that nothing is fixed in the future. It is not fated. Astrology, Numerology and my intuitive sense are my tools for reading energetic cycles and influences we can use. Use in preparation and in the co-creative process of shaping our lives with our own consciousness, choices, focus and behavior. 

In other words, by default we are creating our future at every moment. Conscious and intentional we can optimize where we are, tap into potential for positive growth and expand into our own mastery and our talents we have to share. My work helps you translate the timing and impact of these influences, so you can optimize your potential and create a future you love. 

Our whole life is made up of energy. When our energy is vibrant, and our resonance is high we feel happier, stronger, vitalized to make decisions and take progressive action.  We have room for compassion and understanding. When energy is low we feel negative, lack and limitation. It's hard to be productive feeling like a victim, less than, or pressured to do things the way others think we should.  With the foresight and awareness of what's available and coming (reading cycles and influences of energy) you can get anchored in the present and plan for a future, tapping into the most vibrant, supportive energy available. 

Feng Shui reads the energy and influences in your environment. Astrology and Numerology are guides, providing pathways and blueprints for your personal success understanding and using the support of cosmic influences and timing.

Aligned and coherent we can manifest anything we want; starting with a vision we believe in. Your desires, inspiration and ideas are all invisible energy that I help you to make tangible and real. Fate is what shows up, Destiny is yours to decide and create with what you've got. Your choice to turn left instead of right, say yes instead of no determines the destiny you experience.
The insight, foresight and far-sight I offer is to help you work with evolving possibilities to live your best life while creating your Destined success. Combining the energetic with tangible, the obvious with the invisible, good decisions and dedicated commitment with the Divine grace of the universe, you have a recipe for extraordinary success and fully coming into your own.

Fresh Vision, Clear Path, Energetic Assets and support..... and Timing
With my years of experience and unique set of tools we'll connect in consultation and classes to Optimize your way forward with clarity into your purpose and path.  
  • Know yourself better and move more and more into self-actualization with greater awareness and ease.
  • From your Birth date you'll learn your personal subconscious strengths, innate talent and secrets hidden in your personal blueprint of fulfillment.
  • I'll help you get into your own rhythm of productivity that feels right and yields results better than ever before, without all the pressure and stress. 
  • I'll give you the advantage of making sense of your challenge, getting to the root of problems and moving forward with a new sense of Peace. 
  • I'll help you clear doubt and inner-conflict out of your way. 
If you're inspired and following your own inner calling, my insight, fore-sight and far-sight will often name and confirm what you feel (the energy of) for yourself but don't have enough evidence to trust.  Each of my offerings add layers of certainty, clarity and inner-knowing that amplify your self worth and your effectiveness. Your belief, alignment and empowered action in turn brings fulfillment and results. Knowing invisible energetic support is ripe and available, you can start cashing in on the rich rewards of capturing energy and opportunities previously hidden from obvious sight.   
Consultations and Mentoring  Imagine having clear, reliable guidance with your best interests at heart.
Judy's interpretations of what's going on and the influences at play are extraordinarily clarifying, taking the stress out of the current moment, and giving a better, empowering, even liberating sense of what's next and which direction to move. 

For you as an authentic entrepreneur and graceful leader moving into wealth and personal mastery, Judy is the right mentor, guide and teacher. A strategist who can take complexity of influences (internal and external), make sense of them and help you find congruence and alignment. She'll help you live your life in a richer way, in sync with your true nature, your purpose and Divine life path. She'll help you build and strengthen your potential and expand to a level of charismatic luminosity. A state where you are naturally attractive to prospects, opportunity and wealth, shining in who you are.  

Judy will reveal potential, probability and possibility for what's available and possible so you can take your optimum path, in your natural flow instead of chasing, or forever reaching for needs, wants and goals.Tailored to you as an individual, Judy will support your path living a purposeful, meaningful life.

You won't believe all the doors that open for you.
You can count on Judy for refreshing concepts and perspective that sets you free from limiting beliefs and past challenges. Her powerful insight will help you move forward confident and effective in who your are, efficient and happy on your personal journey to a full expression of you prospering and thriving in your way.

The next best thing to having a crystal ball 

Gifted with keen intuition that connects today with the future, creativity, intelligence and practical sense, your consultation will be personal, unique, down to earth.  As a consultant and teacher I support personal, spiritual and business development and growth; components of fulfillment with success. While the awareness and clarity of a single consultation might be all that you need right now, it might also be the beginning of a great relationship and journey of regular clarity, growth, positive transformation and change.

Transformative Consultations, Events and Retreats

When we work together magic happens starting with grounded optimism, empowerment and peace. Confident decisions open doors and things start to fall into place. Clear intent and authentic magnetism attracts connections, clients and resources you need.  Free from inner conflict and empowered with new awareness and inner certainty my clients achieve more, faster, with grace.  

Eager to see opportunities my clients know the power and positive impact of feeling confident in making decisions and taking action. They want fulfillment and value growth in the process of achieving their success. All the programs  you find here have been designed to empower, enrich, develop wisdom and skill. 

Connection events brings like hearts and minds together to mastermind, evolve and grow individually and in business. Evolutionary planning keep us aligned and on track.

Fresh Vision 
 Whether you are in a place of discovery or confirmation your vision is key to your Success.
We all know pictures speak a thousands words and a retreat day with Judy offers you the opportunity to paste your ideas, soul desire and passion into reality. 

Your personal Destiny canvas will provide you with a reflective tool and brilliant framework for your life and business. Budgets and business plans, relationships and values are easy to see in your visual blueprint. 
Pictures allow thing to show up in ways you don't even imagine and plans have room to breathe. While a daily reminder of your vision and goals, your masterpiece becomes a key player in increasing health, wealth, happiness, love and success in your life. As a window to your heart and landing place for your imagination your vision board provides a pillar to strategize, plan and realize your life, your work and your legacy.

Evolutionary Strategic Planning is alive and has room for change            1-1     Small Business/Partnerships     Direct Sales/Network Marketing Teams
Imagine having strategy, timing and support for your decisions and actions that not only feels right, it's actually uplifting and fulfilling in the process. Insight, foresight and far-sight that actually pinpoints your advantages throughout the year to effectively elevate and expand your Happiness, Fulfillment and Success in both Life and Business 
Solutions to problems come through:
  1. Inspiration and Awareness
  2. Knowledge 
  3. Other People. 
Highly intuitive, creative and with years of exploration, trust me you'll be inspired and get lots of  new awareness. You get all kinds of information, wisdom, experience and knowledge shared with you. Have the benefit of hindsight, foresight and sense.  Participating in workshops and attending events you meet amazing like minded people with a win-win mentality and an openness to share, empowering everyone to circle up, progress and succeed.

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Each month Judy publishes a number of subscription based updates to support your personal and business path. 

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Since  2010,  each month Judy has given her unique perspective into the external influences impacting our lives and businesses. Astrology and numerology allow us to have perspective, observe what's unfolding and participate aligning our self-understanding and intent to optimize our personal way forward.These newsletters are a useful resource to calm the mind, make sense of your current experience, plan and prepare to take advantage of energetic influences. 

Deeper, richer understanding and self-appreciation will come with months and perhaps years of reading. Awareness and insights will support you in living a richer way of life as you choose to make it bigger and better to your personal calling. Some readers have shared their experience of greater peace, improved mental and emotional health with awareness relieving stress and struggle. Others have noticed positive impacts in relationships and personal success and increased value in the power of their own intuition and inner-knowing.

"Love this Judy! It's exactly how I'm feeling these days. I feel I'm coming even more into my  own. I'm so excited for 2020! 
My husband and I always take time during the holidays to plan the following year but this year we are also reviewing long term goals. The questions you've laid out in the newsletter will definitely help."      Trish Condo, Caledon ON.