"Life is a dance between our inner knowing, our outer experience and cycles of time.

When what we desire, think, feel and do are in harmony, happiness, health and prosperity are ours ."


A journey to authentic success and personal mastery is a culmination of vision, discipline and dedication towards the outcome. Underneath is our souls guidance and prompting through our desire, passion and talent. Our purpose is to be happy, bringing all that we are to fruition; to personal mastery.

What does Mastery look like? I believe it looks like the musician who creates and plays music in a way that appears effortless. There is passion and bliss, ease and grace. There is a oneness between body, mind and spirit, not only for the musician; the observer experiences awe. The challenges of learning the instrument, overcomming performance anxiety, and limitations along the way have dissolved into natural performance.  A performance that changes the world for the better, being and doing in harmony; one's best self, in that moment. A display of pure, natural mastery.

I have always resonated with the idea of apprenticeship. It seems to me life is an apprenticeship into mastery. I don’t think we ever achieve complete Mastery; however we step into Mastery. We can have mastery in parts of our lives, while at the sametime being in apprenticeship in another.

Life is made up of periods of time and cycles. The obvious child, teen and adult. These periods can be broken down into times of challenge, of ease, of frustration and growth. In different areas; health, relationship, work or study. How much is destiny and how much is of our own making with our free will and choice?  The need to know the answer to this, took me on a journey of discovery, into Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui and Metaphysics.

I found Astrology and Numerology offers us a window to see; our Life path, purpose and character (our Destiny). They provides an opportunity to understand personal timing cycles and our relationship with ourselves and others. Feng shui offers us understanding of the influences of our space, also relative to time. With this greater awareness we have the opportunity to achieve greater harmony, health and success using our free will and choice wisely. We are empowered with clarity, and confident choice to make the best of ourselves, our current and future circumstance.

I believe our Destiny brings us to Self-Mastery. We have the opportunity to live in that pure natural expression of our own innate talent and character. There is natural happiness, health and prosperity when we are in harmony with ourselves and the world we live in.

Conscious awareness, discovery, understanding, and desire bring us to this place. For me Feng Shui, Astrology, Energy medicine and Metaphysics have provided the tools and principles to support the path into self- knowing, personal mastery and wellbeing. Learning to recognize the Divine perfection of ourselves and our lives in each moment; relieves stress, brings peace and opens our energy to create more.

I share what I have discovered and know, in consultation, classes, writing and speaking with the intention to guide and inspire you on your path to authentic success and happiness.

My wish is for you to love your life, and all that you are; to feel confident, vital and blessed in doing so.

      Judy Onorato