Quality, good value and fair pricing are important to me. When I can make choices with multiple benefits and use my time and resources effectively I'm happy. My clients share the same values regardless of their financial position.

In times of growth and transition "unpredicability" or "overload" call us to justify and evaluate our spending and investment of time with greater scrutiny. Benefits of clarity, confidence and effectiveness cannot be clearly measured in $dollars and cents. There is a trust needed to balance an intutitive knowing and mindful decision. To grow and develop ourselves is our best investment. |We are the one constant in our lives. It puts us in a place of preparedness when opportunity meets and results in Success (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically).  In health, relationships and work.

I have built my business on a shoe-string. Making my decisions from this place. Does it feel right?  Will I be richer for the experience?

The only question is... 
are you ready now to Invest time and money
 in Yourself  to Thrive and holistically prosper? 

The classes and programs offer experiencial and holistic approach to personal growth, authentic expression and business development.  No pretense or grand-standing here; authentic and enthusiastic delivery of knowledge and wisdom to participants with genuine curiosity and a desire to learn.  (Have fun and meet lovely people in the process). Effective learning easy to integrate into life and business.

Classes have been purposefully scheduled to avoid heavy traffic congestion and with respect of your work and family life.  Right scheduling supports focused, effective learning 
  •  Monday, Tuesday programs for creatives and service business owners
  • Mid-week for the self-employed, part-time, retired and for those with kids in school
  • Saturdays for those busy through the week or with Monday-Friday jobs. 
  • Evening programs have been schedule to accommodate family dinner and give breathing space after a day at work.

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 Please let me know...

  • if the schedule isn't working for you 
  •  if you'd like to host a program
  • if you'd like a program designed  and delivered specific to your group