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The answers lie in the big picture - the solution in recognizing the cause

We are in a relationship with everything.  Our internal relationship between our human self with our higher self (Spirit). Our external relationship with others and our environment. Everything is connected and has an influence. 

Issues and challenges show us where we're off-balance and provide clues to the solution.

Stress is disharmony between any of these parts. Dis-ease is the body in this state. Ease and grace comes as we align and find harmony; as we become self-centered (balanced) Expanded awareness and understanding of influencing factors provides conscious choice to turn potential and possibility into being. Choices that align with your personal nature and values create harmony.  Effective and efficient action is ease. Health and happiness are natural in the absence of  stress and dis-ease.

A relationship with self - mind, body and spirit and with our external world of our environment, time and others.  Any type of stress is a result of disharmony between any of these parts.