Do you know what makes your heart beat faster and time stand still?
Are you looking for Clarity and to know where to Start?
Are you yearning to follow your heart, to feel vibrant, happy and fulfilled?
What's Next?

Book yourself a nourishing day of discovery, clarity and learning in a lovely country setting.
Optimism, beauty and Laughter. Authenticity, Breakthroughs, Discovery.
Relief, Excitement, Vision.
Destiny, Desire, Design.
Clarity, Confidence, Joy. Creativity, empowerment, healing. Transformation.
Are you trying to figure out What's next - What you really want - Where to start? 
Are you confused or overwhelmed with options, new freedom and trusting your heart? 

 This day provides an opportunity to relieve the stress of not knowing and feel enlightened as you gain clarity. Come and start to see yourself and your life through fresh, inspired eyes. This illuminating and enlivening discovery day is designed for you to find answers, gain clarity and feel empowered moving forward in the unfolding direction of your desires.
Come find answers you've been looking for.

It is possible to feel empowered and confident in uncertain times and uncharted territory

 Relieve the discomfort of waiting, procrastinating or doing this alone.  This unique day will be fun and transformational; productive, empowering, healing and enlightening.  You'll be guided and empowered in a whole new way, leaving with ideas and tools to make things easier. We'll talk, we'll laugh and share stories.  We'll see the value in our feelings and emotions and the power they add to planning, action and achieving results. There's something special about a small class of 6; it's perfect to learn and connect. This will be a day you'll never forget. Starting right where you are, begin the unfolding journey of fulfillment and happiness that comes when you follow your heart.

Feel enlightened with fresh perspective 

Get a clearer sense of your purpose and path. Know where to start and what to focus on and when.

 Start developing and clarifying a wholistic picture of your life and leave knowing how you can start integrating it into everyday life

 Learn how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’re going, between what you have and what you truly desire.

Break away, to a lovely country setting to get some fresh perspective, some new ideas and figure out what's good for you.

Feel enlivened with astute insights, authentic support and useful knowledge

 Experience relief of stress, mind-chatter and self-doubt.

Learn ways to Journal, and have time to sit with some soul-stirring questions to allow passion, desire and truth to surface

We’ll discuss and define equilibrium, balance, alignment and resonance. How they support peace, success and well-being and how you can have more in your life.

You'll get fresh perspective on the power of thoughts, feelings, energy, imagery, planning and action

You'll create a new kind of Vision board; increasing clarity and achievement in the process

You'll go home with a personalized "alive" strategic plan that feels good, and makes sense.

You'll have the opportunity to ask question, clear confusion of concepts and ideas you've learned from webinars, self help and spiritual books. I'll explain how and when they are applicable.

Reclaim your joie-de-vivre and get into the flow ·

  • Pre-retreat discovery call 
  • An full, enriching day of discovery and learning 10am - 5pm 
  • Templates, worksheets and cheat sheets for fast reference after your  day
  • Use of energy mists throughout the day
  • Delicious snacks and lunch
  • A beautiful property to walk around -Dress country casual with comfortable shoes 
  • You'll know where to start and what to focus on with a strategic plan and a new kind of vision board.
  • 30 min post-retreat phone consultation to debrief your day and receive personalized guidance 
Invest in yourself and your future   $297
Two dates to choose from

Sunday Oct. 16th 2016
10am - 5pm

Tuesday Nov. 8th 2016
10am - 5pm
Only 6 participants
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