Navigating through Uncertainty, Chaos, Growth and Change 

When we step back and see things energetically we get to see things in a new, more empowering light. Understanding the dynamics at play, can help us to feel optimistic and more in control while answers are unfolding, and the future isn’t completely clear.


See the challenges and delays you face in a new and empowering way. If you're ready for a fresh approach in achieving success with more peace and happiness in the process, let's plot your course to success.

Working together you'll get unique insights, foresight, ideas and strategies. I work with smart, enterprising women keen to learn how to achieve new levels of success with new ways of effectiveness. We look at the big picture and the small details. Take the wasted energy caught in criticism, doubt and uncertainty and transform it to fuel your success. We'll get you feeling confident in your decisions, aware of opportunities and excited for what lies ahead. Enough of "get out of your comfort zone".  I say stand on a foundation of comfort, be centered in core-certainty and let others see you reach new heights. Do it a different way - Your way. Consistently tweaking, improving, expanding and stretching creating significant impact, with graceful, intentional growth.

Share the richness of

You Being You

Let's take the pressure off and give you back your decisive power that got lost a whirlwind of choices, changes and possibilities.
Let's increase your clarity, confidence and inner-certainty to create an evolving life and business you love.

I'll help you make sense of the present and past, and give you the clarity and confirmation you need, to know you're heading in the best direction for you.  My insights will give you permission to trust yourself and the process, and feel confident in timing that's right. Expanded awareness will support you in finding and having deeper satisfaction, and more peace in your head and your heart.  I help kind, smart and conscious women get unstuck and feel lighter, whether the next step is to be at peace in the wait, move forward full of enthusiasm, or take that big leap of faith you've been wanting to make.

It can be as frustrating as hell being lost and confused, unsure of where to turn for answers, unable to find clarity, find your direction your best next step. It's crazy making knowing you're both smart and competent, and yet here you are, stuck in a void. Swirling in question and uncertainty,  with pressure for things to be different, for you to move to the next level, and for you to feel back in control again.

Clarity to feel strong and self-assured in start-up, growth, transition and change.

Within minutes of us talking you'll feel a shift and you'll know if it feels right to work together. 
When we work together you're going to get clarity and fresh energy, realistic and optimistic perspective. You're going to see clearly where you are right now, make sense of your challenge and relieve current stress. Then with unconventional insight, fascinating foresight and confirmation for clear decisions, you'll have fresh eyes and a new energy to feel confident in your next step and action. 

Authentic life and business is complex, always unfolding and evolving and I'm here to help you find your own confidence and conscious sweet spot between having a good sense of yourself and what lies ahead, being open and ready for opportunities and know "you've got this" in times of growth,  trials, tribulations and challenge.


Getting present and forward focused, we are going to relieve stress and open doors for you as I share refreshing concepts and perspective. Powerful insight into your potential, possibility and probability, will open doors in your private sessions. More will unfold following your session as you take you experience and begin to put it into action. With your increased awareness,  resonance and expanded consciousness, you'll see openings and opportunities become visible and available before you, meeting you clear, more prepared and ready for success.

Creating a Life that feeds your soul, satisfies your heart
and allows you to achieve the success you seek

 is an evolving unfolding path of growth,
a continuum of discovery, design, decisions, creation, 
alignment, action and results.

I'd love to be your guide

A Guide to Illuminate Your Way to Success & Life Fulfillment, in Times of Change and Uncertainty.

As a trusted consultant, guide, strategic planner and teacher I am here to support you in discovery and design. To give you insight and ideas, concepts and perspective to better understand, make better decisions and enjoy your journey of success in Life and Business.

Innovative, creative, optimistic and intuitive, I see things differently. I see potential, opportunities, invisible support and strong possibilities for you to tap into and achieve the success, peace, and satisfaction you desire. Astrology, Numerology and practical Feng Shui are my tools. In work with you sessions, I read your birth charts, your personal blueprints and maps translating your potential and assets to use. Conversation integrates unique and personal insight with guidance, planning and strategy. Together we align and optimize your business and efforts with universal energies, cycles and timing. I help you tap into practical metaphysical, spiritual and emotional power that gives you harmony, relief and an unprecedented edge in personal power and achievement.

Smart, Inspired, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Healers and 
Women in discovery, design and start up phase of What's Next.

The women I work with already understand the significance of energy, alignment, mindset and emotions realated to life quality and business performance.

Bringing intuition, authentic relationships and harmonious growth together with positive impact and profitable business, calls for courage, commitment and endurance. Leading edge ideas, products and services need new measures, different tools and new ways of achieving bottom line results.

Guidance, insight, far-sight and experience in such is what you will find here. Along with a community of others who are on the same path. A path of personal mastery in alignment with ones' soul and making a difference sharing each one's unique talent. 

I'm here to help you to unravel the confusion, share such tools,  help you to effectively get results and connect with others who are on the same page. 

in a Private Session.
We start first with where you are, and how you can work effectively with that. Then we open the door to what's next.
I help you connect the dots, see different options and clear inner conflict that's been blocking your path.  Often my clients experience life transforming moments when they hear what's been so hard to pin-point for themselves and unraveling challenges experienced for years.
Personal sessions are interactive and conversational as I listen and together we mine for your truth. I help you to connect the big picture with small details, connecting now with the future you want. Typically my clients leave their first session with a feeling of peace and excitement with clarity of next steps, best direction and timing.
If this is your first time, feel comfortable starting with the first 20 minutes FREE and choose to continue the hour if it feels right.
Then go deeper with
Private or Team Sessions  
Focus on the next Month, Quarter or for the Rest of the Year
These private sessions are for those who want to be proactively prepared for what lies ahead. To be aware of opportunities and changes coming up. Following or incorporating a Clarity and Bearings session first, we work with where you are now, what you seek to achieve and the energetic advantages and support that you have now and in the upcoming phase.

Along with translation of your astrology and numerology charts I bring years in business topped with decades of entrepreneurial experience to the table. I partner with you in this organic unique session bringing insight, foresight and forecasting. Someone for you to use as a sounding board, and for you to receive intuitive insights and inspired ideas. I'll help you to create a synergistic interweave of different priorities and plans together into one that is supported with energy for achievement and success.

"You took away the confusion and helped me to prioritize, giving me clarity and  a real path to follow.  I have greater certainty and knowledge feeling relief as we combined 5-6 projects into one. I can now see further into the distance and see what makes sense for me now, and what falls into a proper sequence as the months unfold. Now, with clear orientation and direction, I know what to focus on.  I am set in a clear direction and feel positive about the future and possibilities."

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Deeper, richer understanding and self-appreciation will come with months and perhaps years of reading. Awareness and insights will support you in living a richer way of life as you choose to make it bigger and better to your personal calling. Some readers have shared their experience of greater peace, improved mental and emotional health with awareness relieving stress and struggle. Others have noticed positive impacts in relationships and personal success and increased value in the power of their own intuition and inner-knowing.

"Love this Judy! It's exactly how I'm feeling these days. I feel I'm coming even more into my  own. I'm so excited for 2020! 
My husband and I always take time during the holidays to plan the following year but this year we are also reviewing long term goals. The questions you've laid out in the newsletter will definitely help."      Trish Condo, Caledon ON.