Show me a woman connected to her vision and you've got a powerhouse
A powerhouse of conviction and certainty, a powerhouse of passion and purpose. This is a retreat day especially designed for entrepreneurs, creatives  healers, fempire builders and natural leaders ready to create positive change.

A relative and fresh Vision of your future is vital to live consciously and to co-create a life and business that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. Having a clear picture of a life in which you thrive; a visual of health, wealth and success by your standards and style, sets the direction for your efforts and gives you clarity for decisions. At the same time you are feeding belief, excitement and confidence in what you want now and where you're going. A vision canvas is truly a powerful tool.

Unlike typical vision board workshops that are rushed through in a couple of hours, with Judy you are not creating a visual shopping list or a pictorial finish line. You are not setting yourself up to chase after a pie in the sky outcome. 

Instead you will learn about subtle powers and influences that are hidden in the subconscious and creative process, and tap into your co-creative powers throughout the day. While revealing and clarifying your fresh vision simultaneously you start designing and co-creating your Destiny.

This Vision retreat is a break away from the everyday. A full day in a fresh and supportive environment to recharge, reconnect and be productive, creating a pictorial canvas of what you truly want for yourself in life, relationships and your work. A time for you to design your next chapter, clarify your vision and align your head and your heart.
Whether you are in a place of discovery or significant confirmation, your Fresh Vision is key to your Success. We all know pictures speak a thousands words, they also set us free and open up space for great things to come. This retreat day with Judy offers you a unique opportunity to paste your ideas, soul desire and passion into reality. 

Your personal Destiny canvas will be a reflective too, a map and brilliant framework for your life and business. 
You're Fresh Vision canvas will reveal deeper levels of 

This day is for inspired and soul-driven women ready to fly.

Forward thinking women, wanting to prosper and thrive and to be of service in alignment with their nature. There is always a Divine perfection to who attends each Fresh Vision.  Fresh perspective, growth and development are part of the day and new relationships often extend into opportunities, friendships, referrals and business without pitching

Open sharing of insights, resources, leads and wisdom of experience enrich one another's visions, positively impacting and often accelerating visions coming to life

Give yourself time and space to discover and affirm 

    • what really resonates for you,
    • what you feel really connected to, what speaks to you, 
    • what you really want for yourself 
Your personal Destiny canvas will be a reflective tool, a map and brilliant framework for your life and business. 
You're Fresh Vision canvas will reveal deeper levels of 

    • Who you are, your personal style, and wayGive yourself time and space to discover and affirm 

        • what really resonates for you,
        • what you feel really connected to, what speaks to you, 
        • what you really want for yourself 
        • What you feel strongly about and value most
Now and in the unfolding months
Your vision canvas is a recipe for your fulfillment, happiness and success. Revealing answers during the day in the creative process and later. As you choose your pictures your intuition will recognize signs and symbolism in pictures that translate in your greater self and your way of experiencing greater success and fulfillment. Details and plans are naturally interwoven to be translated throughout the day and revealed in the unfolding months. You'll see the magic of it all as life unfolds and the pieces falls into place in your life. Insight into your personal year numerology will give another layer of confidence and support the timing of your vision coming to fruition.  
A tool to Strategize and Plan
As a window to your heart, clarity of your mind and a landing place for your imagination, your vision board provides a foundation to strategize, plan and realize your life, your work and your legacy. Budgets and business plans are far easier to develop and stick to. Beyond the limitation of words, pictures allow thing to show up in ways you don't even imagine, and give ideas room to morph and grow.

Hung in plain sight, when you return home or to your office, your masterpiece of your goals and desires acts as a conscious and subconscious daily reminder of what's important. It becomes a catalyst and key player in increasing health, wealth, happiness, love and success in your life and work each day.
Maximum 8 participants 
includes supplies,
all day Coffee/Tea and lunch
"Judy O is an awesome adviser and guide for entrepreneurial women. Her number one strength in my opinion is her ability to listen and re-frame your situation to help you clarify your path.  She has helped (and continues to support) my vision, plan, and implementation timing in the development of Sherwood Farm Retreat, while considering my personal life and goals.

Judy and I share the same values around work, life, family and support of other entrepreneurs. Sherwood Farm's natural environment provides a relaxed space conducive to the vision process. Judy and I enjoy working together, supporting breakthroughs, development and growth of entrepreneurs."
Theresa Sherwood
Sherwood Farm Retreat.
"Take the day for YOU to get soulful and connected on a deep level with your "now" and envisioning a path for your future" 
 Cheryl Gregory, 
 Speaker, Author, Executive & Management Consultant
"I loved how you drew us to explore deeper layers and clarify them to ourselves.  
Best "Vision board" exercise I have ever experienced"

 Dr. Oksana Sawiak 
  International Speaker, Author, Integrative Health Consultant