Quarterly Strategy 

Connect, Mastermind and Plot your Course for the next 3 months.


 gIVE YOURSELF A day of powerful answers, insights and strategic planning to get the most out of the next 3 months. 

Fuel and shape our success with conscious awareness of influences at play. Make meaningful connections with conscious entrepreneurs. Benefit from cross pollination of  wisdom and ideas, and have personalized insights in the process of clarifying your focus and approach for the next quarter 

Over coffee/tea we start sharing. Briefly share your work, your life and your business relative to your focus for the next 3 months.

Next a Mastermind Session provides a forum to bring your challenge, a piece you want feedback on, or an idea you want to expand. Everyone brings their best to the table with focus to uplift, inspire, provide leads, ideas, resources and connections to further each others progress.

Over a delicious home cooked lunch, conversation will continue with sharing of interests, stories, successes, and struggles or take a 15 min break to quite your mind and take a little walk if you like.


The afternoon you'll spend plotting your course. I'll provide you with confirmation and insight into your inner sense and the potential impact of key external influences you can work with. This conscious awareness of hidden support provides you with the confidence to know you're on your right path and empowers your decisions and actions. Threads of the morning introductions, revelations and findings will be interwoven in the planning process. Ideas and inspiration will come from one another. With this pro-active insight you'll be able to ride waves of change and maintain your power in the unfolding months. (No more losing your power and being thrown off-track). 

If you're ready to use clarity, confidence and strategic insight to fuel and shape your success, break away for a a relaxed, fun and productive day. Share and connect with other smart women dedicated to moving forward in a real, fun and positive way.Once you've tried it for the first time you'll likely want to re-connect next quarter to continue building on momentum, alignment and relationships, share in the results everyone is creating and build on these new foundations for the next 3 months.

Alignment and focus 3 months at a time.(consultation)