Essence Descriptions

Each essence has been made in my garden. Some from flowers grown there, some from crystals of my personal collection others are combinations of both. The core frequency of all the essences is love. Each has it's own unique personality, benefits and vibrational pattern.

Thank you for visiting this page. While it's up for renovation the information is good. I have more essences than are posted here. Have a look around and feel free to contact me, I am happy to talk with you about the essences, match the right essence to your needs and take your order.

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Summer Solstice Pink Peony

Feel Beautiful.

Reconnect and experience the fullness of your Divine beauty. Love expands beyond the heart. Smile, feel empowered and centred, mind free of limiting thoughts.

Crown, third eye and heart chakras


Loosen up rigidity, adjust, change and move with ease.

Trust & Forgiveness relaxes resistance allowing new choice and freedom to move in a new way.

When fear and stubborn old beliefs hold you back . 


Pure Confidence 

Stand tall in balanced power. Maintain your boundaries lovingly. Balance of masculine and feminine energy offers a sense of empowerment and worthiness. Open fluidity between giving and receiving, speaking and listening.

 Out of the shadow

Transformer when you feel stuck.

Acts as a switch opening to new perspective and solutions. When you can't find the answer - your mind keeps replaying fear, doubt, despair, frustration, suffering or judgment. See life in new light.  

Power Within

Love to be youself

Helps you to intuitively open to your path; Fueling passion, creatie energy and strength to follow your Truth and be you fully.

Sacral, Solar Plexes & Hear Chakras

Pure Loving Energy 

Unconditional supportive love for empowerment.

Acceptance, appreciation and comforting love shifts feelings of fear, rejection, isolation, neediness or anger and helps you come back to centre.

August Ragweed


Calming irritation and reaction to external conditions; soothing the need to blame. When you are feeling unjust attention going to others and you are not seen for all that you are. This essence soothes the reaction (suffering) and opens the space to harmonious relationship and acceptance.

 Ragweed, calendula, chicory & lavender

 Enlightenment Series.

Five Essences to support your path of Awakening


See your self with new eyes. Know your pure spirit with new certainty. Ready to be all that you are in the world. This essence supports the intergration into daily life.


Bliss in a bottle. Calms the critical mind so you can experience support and acceptance of self, others and life as it is. Expand beyond existing limitations and boundaries with ease and grace.

You may hold the intention to heal and release your challenge of struggle as you take it..


When you need peace of mind.

Open to possibility revealed in quiet and stillness. Quieten constant mind chatter, judgment and criticism so you can hear intuitive guidance and receive Divine Inspiration.

Put time aside to take this essence to support your meditation or quiet reflective time. Not recommended during activities that require focused attention. Ground yourself as you would after meditation.

Awakening divine relationship

Harmonious in relationship with self and the Divine. Blossom into your Divine beauty and talent.

Love  compassion, clarity, wisdom and peace to gently re-align mental and  emotional resitance, struggle back to balance; restoring decisiveness, resolution and creative power.

Divine Integration 

At one with the Divine is the way. There's  relief to resistance and doubt. Intuition in now your guide, and observation your eyes.  It's natural to trust in the flow for now you know yourself and Divine connection with certainty.