Dissolve Stress - Learn- Have fun with an experiential sampling and introduction to the 

Magic of the Mists

This fun and light presentation introduces you to the mists and the reason the ingredients dissolve and transform stress.  You and your guests will be introduced to Essential oils and Essences made from crystals and flowers. I simply explain how the essences are made in my own garden and the significant benefits in each blue bottle.  As everyone feels the shower of the mist embrace their aura and experience the transformational synergy for themselves  I share stories and applications. It's so much  fun to see the qualities of the mist prove themselves right in front of your eyes. There's laughter, amazement and relief for all who come and experience the wonder of  earth, plant and sky energy captured in a pretty blue bottle.  Everyone leaves with a mist.

Women's circles    Yoga studios     Business Lunch and Learn    Retreats    Conference breakout      

Health and Wellness Events      Home parties and Celebrations

email or phone to inquire 647 222 2889  mailto:judyonorato@sympatico.ca