My Story

At a young age I asked myself "How much power and influence do I have in my life?" 

When things weren't the way I liked or going the way I thought they should, I looked for answers.                     I looked for ways to change either my situation or the way I felt about it.  

As I've learned astrology I've come to realize my Aquarian sun sign supports my fascination for the universe and science, as well as my claircognizant ability to sense one's soul path and future with prophetic intuition. My Scorpio ascendant explains my willingness to dig deep to find answers, honouring emotions that come up in the process. Born during the full moon, my talent lies in bringing matters to fruition. I temper logic with instinct and practicality with creativity. I love to link past to present and connect now with the future projecting ideas and intentions to manifest.  I love complexity of flavours and the alchemy of life.  I stand in awe of the wonders of nature and the divine perfection of life.

 As a downtown Toronto professional in the 80's I would have laughed if you'd told me I'd be the way I am right now. Focused on work (and finding my man), I had little idea of my destiny and how it would ultimately unfold.

May 1992 I left  a management position with the HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association) and stepped onto the path of stay at home mum and entrepreneur punctuated with part-time work to help pay the bills. My vision and mission was to raise my family the old fashioned way walking my kids to school, growing vegetables in my garden and sharing home cooked meals every day. Simultaneously I was going to create multiple streams of income in the evenings and weekends when my husband was home. Network marketing was going to afford us some luxury and pay for regular holidays while supporting a balanced life of health, wealth and happiness.  Well the family and health part went according to plan but the income part didn't.  When the multiple streams of income weren't flowing I looked for answers and discovered Self-help, Metaphysics (enter Feng Shui, Astrology and Numerology) and Energy healing.  I started reading like I never read before to validate for myself what is true. I took countless courses to develop skills and understanding.

At an early age I wondered "How much power do we have in our lives? 

"How much influence do we have in getting what we want?" 

 I've spent most of my life figuring this out. I had no idea I was walking a path of enlightenment (aka feeling good and happy) and self mastery (aka being my best self). Little did I know that in seeking my answers today I'd have answers for you. Intelligent as I am with extensive management experience, I did not consider the extent of knowledge and skills I'd need to profitably run a business of my own, let alone keeping up with technology, social media and marketing. Who would have guessed I was gathering skills and ingredients to create products and programs to support your path.  I had no idea that I was a leader in my own right, nor that a leader could look and feel like a loser. Deep inside I just knew I had to trust what I was doing and that I couldn't give it up even in the most challenging, pressing and doubting moments.

As a parent raising young children I wanted to bring out the best in my kids giving them the strong foundation of home I had experienced. A foundation to stand firm on their feet and be their best self, giving them the ability and wisdom to live well and thrive.  Essentially I wanted for them what I want for myself, to be happy, healthy and prosper true to their nature and talent having a positive impact on others and their world. (I must say they have done me proud).

 I hate waste and BS. I love creativity, nourishing experiences, natural beauty and dedication.  I'm not a hand holder nor a flatterer. I'm a guide, a partner, empowering clients with awareness, choice and action to move forward and level-up.  I do my own work to clear, heal and hold a high vibration of light in the process of realizing my own potential. I'm rich with connections, knowledge and a good life. I believe we change the world with things as simple as a smile and authentic kind words. I live to learn and share what I love and know to be life enhancing and useful.

 I've always loved nature and had a passion for flowers since I was a very little girl. My reverence for nature and my trust to follow intuitive promptings led me to create a line of essences made with crystals and flowers in my own garden. 

Energy mists (room and aura sprays)came next, combining these vibrant essences with the divine Essential Oils to mist your Aura or Space. All are supporting, empowering and life-enriching with alchemy of natural healing.