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My programs offer you a unique way to move forward in your life; cultivating change over time from conscious choice and heart desire. Consistent integrative coaching, learning and action have you (and your business) moving forward with steady momentum.

I guide you on your personal journey to clear and release what is no longer useful to you and to energize and tap into potential waiting to be used.  The program group is limited to 5 people, so you receive plenty of individual attention. We do deep, profound work, and have fun in the process. We explore fascinating knowledge, concepts and strategies for your happiness and success.

Every class is inspirational, educational and life-enhancing

The programs offer an experiential and holistic approach to personal-growth and business development. No pretense; we come to the table true to self and sharing where we are and what we're heading towards.  If you’re willing to come to the program with a sense of curiosity and desire to do the work, your life will transform…and you will see your self and your life in ways you haven’t seen before.

Regular support and an opportunity to connect with others motivated and dedicated to growth. Once you've learned how to do it, and had some practice in in the program, you're still going to have questions and want to expand on what you've learned. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Each month I offer an opportunity:
  • to come together with fellow graduates, share and learn from each others experience and applications.
  • Gain clarity and perspective of the current influencing energy and have guidance to apply it to your plans
  • have the comfort of community to share your successes and struggles in the process.
  • ask questions and apply your learning with guidance.
  • enjoy insightful discussions
  • receive updates
  • sample flower essences and mists in the process.

In Sync for Success grads:  2 hours each month offering:

  • Insight and discussion of the current energy influences and how they apply to you and your plans. 
  • Specific focus on the relationship between the universal energy and your specific cycle.
  • Support to integrate your personal cycle 

New moon wishes 2 hours each month offering:

  • A time to stop and consider what's next for you, and have support in designing your wishes.
  • Gain clarity and greater perspective of the current astrological influences.
  • An opportunity to understand and reframe current challenging experiences, reflecting previous month's wishes
  • Consistency to feel confident in the process and expand knowledge and application.

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Valuing effectiveness, flow and efficiency class times have been purposefully scheduled to avoid heavy traffic congestion and with respect for your business and family life.

Right scheduling supports focused, effective learning and practical integration into life and business. Evening programs have been schedule to accommodate family dinner.   Monday, Tuesday programs for creative and service business owners, Mid-week for the self-employed and Saturdays for those with Monday – Friday jobs. 

In Sync for Success (currently running Wednesday and Saturday mornings)

A whole new way to reflect, prioritize, strategize and plan. Synchronize your life with your personal rhythm and feel confident to live in the flow. Learn and use practical Numerology to move out of survival and into thrive mode. This is personalized transformational learning;classes of only 5.

This 5 part program starts with a 30 minute personal consultation. I calculate your numbers and we look at where you are now, and discuss how you want to apply this learning to better your life.

Then, for 4 consecutive weeks, you’ll join 4 other like-minded participants to learn: 

  • What this year (and next) is all about for you
  • How to calculate your Year, month and day and how to apply them
  • What the numbers mean – First by definition, then by experience
  • How to take these fundamental teachings and simply put them into action in your life 

With this knowledge, you will be able to:

  • Discover the benefits right from week one- see positive ripple effects in multiple areas of your life.
  • Know what and when to schedule in sync with your personal rhythm.
  • See what your intuition has been telling you for years, and increase your confidence to listen.
  • Expand your understanding of the numbers that you can't get from reading books

Upon registration email your preferred time for your personal 30 minute consultation on program start date. 10am   10:30am  11:15am  11:45am  12:30pm  (Available on first come first serve basis. Other date options available prior to commencement of classes).

 "If I had known about this course about 1 1/2 years ago all that chaos that happened in my life would have never happened and it truly would have run much smoother than it did then. Thanks again Judy for the incredible insight. Wow it was truly amazing." MN Woodbridge  Week 2

Life by Design

A series of classes to integrate new learning,  perspective and actions that support you in creating the life you truly want.  A soul- satisfying life where you have balance,  harmony, happiness and success.

Consciously create the life you want using New Moon Wishes

Coming soon

If you've heard me talk of this class and New Moon wishes, you know the passion, excitement and enthusiasm that comes through me with the opportunity to share it. I've used this process for myself since 2003 and there's not a doubt in my mind that this is a valuable skill for those who are commited to personal development, discovery and actualization.

Are you motivated to live well?
Would you like to connect and learn with others who are
optimistic, "like minded" and "like-motivated"?

Do you want greater understanding of your free will, and how you can use it to create your life?
Would you like to feel happier and feel more satisfied with yourself, your relationships, your life?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you.

These few hours together, I will give you a skill to;
  • improve your life, business, relationships and wellbeing.
  • change the way you feel about challenges.
  • open opportunities
  • tune into serendipity and recognize your own intuition.

I will also explain how this process boosts your confidence, gets you results and has you feeling empowered.

Founded in metaphysical principles, this process is practical, down to earth and easily becomes part of everyday life.

Use the links above for the details and if you have any questions don't hesitate to connect.