Even though you are smart, hard-working, growth-focused and committed to realizing your vision
are there days when you feel stuck, overwhelmed, disillusioned and frustrated?
JOIN a new focused group of entrepreneurial women
creating thriving lives & businesses
capped at 8 seats

Align & Clear is about Clearing Your Blocks and Opening You to Success

Designed for kind, spiritually-minded founders and business owners, our meetings are a unique innovative blend of business, education, mastermind, block clearing and connection in an empowering environment of positivity, compassion, kindness and respect. Join because you want to make progress.

Align & Clear is an opportunity to connect with peers, develop valuable relationships and tap into resources to help you grow your venture. It is an energizing, effective time, dedicated to work simultaneously on you and your business. Growth and impact in an exciting new way.
A new series starts in September

It begins with the foundation class

Clear Your Blocks and Open to Success

The foundation class is for women who are new to Align & Clear and is the prerequisite and a graceful entry into this unique group and process. 

This serves as a taste of regular meetings,  a full experience of what you can expect, and benefits both you and the existing members. You will be introduced to, and activated to use the Inner Influencing Technique used to clear subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and experience the benefits first hand.

This is a wonderful way for you to try out Align & Clear, connect with wonderful women, see if it resonates, and decide that it is right for you and your business.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners

How do we end the mind chatter and doubt that sneaks in and destroys our momentum?

How do we break free of frustration and disappointment when we miss our goals and things don't go as planned?

How do we stay centered and effective when we get hit by a personal curve ball or knocked off track by a world crisis?

How can growth and development be faster and easier?

The Answer is to Connect, Align & Clear

Connect with other independent business owners. Have a place to get experienced feedback, mastermind and a sounding board from others who care and want to support your success.

Align your inner voice to your true purpose, your path, your personal rhythm and flow.

Clear the blocks impacting your bottom line. Clear the resistance standing in your way of success. Remove the obstacles and doubt that have been slowing you down. Open your way to momentum, growth, increased impact and ease.

Are you ready to have more Positive impact in your Life & you Business?

  • Feel stronger and clearer in your decision making
  • Be more effective your communications, in networking, sales and marketing 
  • Easily prioritize and increase your efficiency and effectiveness
  • Feel confident, strategic, focused and energized while aligned to natural flow

Each meeting is focused on progress, solving problems and expanding on ideas. In the process you increase your resonance to attract more of what you want and clear block and beliefs in your way. Members leave feeling empowered, uplifted, realigned and recharged. Ready for what's next, and clear on their next actions to take. Regular participants are experiencing exciting results.

Join us on the 2nd and/or 4th Thursday of the month
  • Experience a new energy of networking. Connect with women who value natural leads and referrals. Women who like authentic conversations and sharing their wisdom and experience. Potentially meet partners for joint ventures affiliations and collaboration.
  • Transform limitations, clear resistance, break free of frustration and blocks.   Level up with fresh perspective, expanded awareness and understanding.
  • Positively impact your personal power, life, relationships and business in one morning twice a month. Talk about an effective use of your time, energy and money.
  • Join women focused on creative solutions, transformation and progress. Women who believe in wellness, happiness and true self-expression, making more money and growing their business 
  • The alignment between who you are, what you do, what you believe and what you are here to achieve. People follow, buy from, partner and love working with people who are clear about what they do. See the positive impact on your bottom line, your business and your personal life when you are happy, empowered, aligned and clear.
  • Leave inspired, refreshed, energized, open and excited to embrace new opportunities and experience better results and relationships.
Each meeting starts promptly with introductions and personal experience relating to the topic (unique to each meeting). This in turn creates the mastermind and problem-solving experience leading to insightful discussion, teachings, solutions and transformation and the clearing of related conscious and subconscious beliefs and frustrations. The meeting ends with new uplifting energy and clarity for what's next.
In the synergy of working with Judy and Anita you’ll experience subtle and obvious shifts, elevation in your consciousness, new levels of awareness and understanding and an increased sense of inner peace. Integrating and applying what you learn and what resonates with you, you’ll experience compounding multi-dimensional positive impact on your confidence, your life, your relationships and your business.
Judy and Anita both have an intimate understanding of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, recognizing and appreciating the journey of personal growth and skills development, amidst the demands and expectations of our many roles.

Judy sees the opportunity in the blocks, frustrations and limitations.  Her confirming insight and door-opening foresight feeds your confidence in making significant decisions and strategizing your next move. She helps you discover and align to your true life purpose and live a happier, vibrant life. 

With a background in start-ups and next-level ventures Judy brings over 30 years of metaphysical and business experience to the table. She's known for her ability to open the way forward for her clients to experience smoother progress, increased impact and results.
Judy Onorato

Anita is an expert in removing overwhelm, complication and targeting the blocks, helping you have more peace and build new energy around what's happening. 

Anita clears away the obstacles that limit personal freedom and expression through the help of the Angels and Inner Influencing. She is the author of the book The Books of Light: Angelic Peace and Healing.
Anita Colussi-Zanon
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