Numerology for Health and Healing

I had no idea that Numerology could be a healing art but the more I worked with it the more I recognized the fact. Numerology is the art of interpreting the language of numbers and a profound tool to provide quick accurate insight.  Starting with basic understanding for what the numbers mean, it expands into infinite possibilities and interpretations. It is the awareness it provides into the invisible side of life that initiates and supports healing.

 "Because pure awareness lies at the basis of everything the most powerful way to change your life is to begin with your awareness.  When your consciousness changes, you situation will change.  Every situation is both visible and invisible."   Deepak Chopra 

If stress is the root of dis-ease - then Healing comes in the relief of the stress. When we release the struggle between person, place or time - then healing comes in new relationship.

With awareness and belief that something different is possible it becomes possible.  We create a vibration of attraction in place of resistance. In doing so an openness and space become available to receive and hopeful increases vibrational resonance. 

 The end of the battle of internal desire and external circumstance comes in surrender to win or loose.  I come in finding harmony, alignment and union. Nothing is achieved with out the awareness that it's possible.

Sometimes it's as easy as an "Ah-ha" moment.                                      You know the moment when everything changes

Numerology provides explanation for what's happening in your life and reveals options and predictability for the future. It is also helpful to recognize the cause and core of the stress.

 Numerology reveals our strengths. Focus on the positive and your strengths - you'll naturally experience greater joy; even financial success at work

When we replace reactive buttons with proactive choice we can set ourselves up for promotion at work and enjoy better relationships at home.

When we can zero-in on core issues we can find solutions that are faster and effective rather than replaying the same old tape over and over again.

As we know the nature of ourselves and others we can easily improve interactions and communication between family members, colleague and employees.  Less stress, judgment and frustration is better for everyone.

Numerology interpretation supports healing 

It all starts with your birthdate

  • There is healing in awareness that numerology brings.
  • There is validation for who you are and why you do things the way you do.
  • Numerology provides clarity and supports your intuitive knowing.
  • The insight is empowering and affirming.
  • Challenges can be identified for what they are, your evolution into your own potential and opportunities for personal alignment.
  • There is relief and support  with Knowing When the time is right and understanding Delays.

Judy works with your birthdate and can expand her interpretations using Feng Shui and Chinese (BaZi) Astrology in consultation to give you a bigger and more refined picture.  

Would you like me to present to your group?

What do those numbers mean?  

Are you seeing numbers everywhere? Unsure what to make of them? Come find out what they mean and how numbers are signs and signals for your life.  Understanding the numbers can make life a whole lot easier, fun and fulfilling. The numbers in everyone's birth dates tells  a story. They provide clarity of your strengths, your talent, your reactions and your way in the world. The numbers explain relationships – the easy and the difficult ones.

Find yourself energized, inspired and nodding your head as I introduces you to fascinating numerology.  

Ask questions, offer up your birthdate and I will bring the subject to life using real situations and people in the room. A fun and educational time together. 






Have you  seen Healing by the Numbers  Dr. Oz show?