Numerology is the fastest way I know to find relief, get centered and know what's next.

In our busy, often over-whelming and ever-changing lives that's amazing!

Your birth date provides a blueprint for your way, your path and your life, and can be read using Numerology and Astrology.  Judy O uses both. That's what makes her remarkably different . Her expansive insight reveals your hidden potential, success direction and opportunities available to you.  Judy helps you makes sense of what's going on now and how to navigate through challenges and set backs.

Give her your birth date and get answers that give you peace, confirmation and an empowered sense of knowing. Imagine yourself with a new level of confidence that propels you forward into greater fulfillment, enrichment and purpose.

"I discovered numerology in my early day's of studying Feng Shui. I was on a mission to improve my life, solve my entrepreneurial struggles and clear blocks to my success.  1999 away on a weekend retreat, a simple introduction to numerology as part of the weekend program, not only solved a long held stress and struggle, it caught my attention for how fast and effective it was. The few hours of learning sparked research and practice and lit a flame of passion and purpose. To this day I can't help myself, someone's got a struggle - start with their birth date. The speed, the impact and accuracy combined with my intuition still amazes me today."  
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Personality & Destiny Numerology

Find your answers, confirm your inner-knowing. Numerology provides a powerful road map to self understanding. The numbers in your birth date reveal your way to feel confident, happy and deep soul satisfaction.

I believe that when we know who we are and act true to our values we feel confident, happy and fulfilled. We resonate with vibrancy and health. Balanced power and authentic charisma  attracts opportunities and relationships. Conscious and resourceful we'll always have enough.  A natural radiance of competence invites being of service; the secret to fulfillment (aka multidimensional wealth). 

 Numerology provides a fast easy way to determine personality, talent, lessons and timing. A tool to find one's life purpose and personal path. Numerology reveals potential, probability and what's possible. It is a profound tool to provide quick accurate insight, clarity and solutions that set you free from stress, criticism and worry. Numerology provides a way to plot a course of positive action, effectively achieve results and find harmony in your life, relationships  and work. Numerology reveals your path to health, wealth and happiness. Points you in the direction of personal success.


Numerology literally set me free and made an enormous positive difference. It gave me a fresh perspective that made sense emotionally and mentally. It was practical, and rang true to my spirit. It was just what I needed to break a frustrating cycle of limitation, question and doubt. Numerology gave me clarity and certainty that I couldn't find through rational thinking, asking others, or never-ending trial and error. I finally felt empowered to make decisions, trust my intuition and Be true to who I am. 

Numerology gave me potential, possibility and probability I could work with. It helped me clarify my path and my truth. I could calm my critical mind and judgement; better accept others, timing and circumstance. 

In struggles I see the hidden lessons and the opportunities. Numerology provides a key to feeling confident, finding joy and staying centered. Grace and insight to ride the waves of life.  

I'd love help you step into self-Mastery 

Make the world a better place being YOU!

  To reclaim one’s personal power is priceless.  It lies at the core of our health, wealth, relationships and happiness.


Fear, doubt and uncertainty hold us in a stressed state. This stress influences our relationships, productivity and health. The longer it lasts the worse it gets and serves neither your physical or spirit self (that's why we can't stand being there-we're out of alignment). 


When we are feeling good and clear we can use numerology to expand our options and success. Go from good to amazing! Conscious of ourselves, our alignment and current energetic influences we can synergize and synchronize with universal energy to create outcomes we could only imagine.

Numerology for PLANNING

Planning with Numerology gives us structure and freedom at the same time. It allows us to get  in-sync with ourselves resulting in a new level of productivity,  more balance and fulfilling results. Working with timing that is both logical, and feels right releases unreasonable pressure of  takes your effectiveness and influence to new heights.

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"Judy sees the whole chess game and tells us which piece to move when"   AD

  Personal month-by-month and year-by-year awareness of your numerology cycles relieves emotional stress an mental angush and opens the door to better relationships, faster results, better health and greater wealth and happiness.

Position, calculations and relationships between the numbers is what I read. This is then taken into account with what you want and what you are currently experiencing.

Know thyself  Your birth-date provides a blue-print of your life. Add all the numbers in your birth date together and you get YOUR LIFE PATH. What will bring you fulfillment and the challenges to bring out the best in you. The day you were born reflects your individual nature, your character - your vibration. The way you appear to others. It also reflects what you feel comfortable with and like in yourself and others. Each number 1-9 is a vibration. Translating these vibrations provides a way of self discovery and self mastery.  A way to make sense of challenges and times of change. A way to clarify one's uniqueness, strengths and talents, relieve the head-heart battles and provide clear understanding and direction.

Timing I love to create a numerology calendar for my clients. It explains so much. Each of us has our own timing cycle. When things aren't going to plan it's usually because we are over-riding our innate knowing with "should do" or slowing ourselves down with judgement, doubt or disappointment of the way things appear. Numerology makes it clear. It shows us where and when to focus to easily be productive and get results. When to take action and when to lie low. Perfect for strategic planning for business, know when's best to sell or buy and when to apply for the job you want.

Each Year  By adding the numbers of the year together we get a picture of the global influences affecting the whole world for the calendar year.  For example 2015  2+0+1+5 = 8.  8 represents money, reward, recognition, achievement and power. It is the harvest of what has come before. It's also a number of hard work. Sign up for my newsletter and I'll keep you abreast of the influences each month. 

Relationships The person who is your greatest challenge is a gift to support you realizing your potential. The numbers explain it. Comparing aspects of each individuals' chart illuminates the relationship. Too often we want someone to be the way we want - not how they are. The numbers show where's the commonality or where the differences lie. You may or may not be in the same or similar timing cycle as your partner explaining the reasons for delay, dis-interest or lack of commitment. When we replace reactive buttons with proactive choice we naturally set ourselves up to enjoy better relationships simultaneously increasing opportunities and positive attention in other areas of our life. As we know the nature of ourselves and others we can easily improve interactions and communication between family members, colleague and employees.  Less stress, judgment and frustration is better for everyone.

The Alphabet The alphabet when translated into numbers and calculated gives us further insight. For example your soul number is calculated from the vowels in your name and your personality number from the constanants. 

Energy, vibration and Resonance   Each number has a vibrational resonance; an energy.  Similar to musical notes there are some we feel good hearing and others that make us uncomfortable. Some vibrations support us while others have us feeling like a fish out of water. The number of your home will depict the nature of the residence, relationships and the type of success it supports.

Shifts in consciousness open flow and create different results. With awareness and belief that something different is possible it becomes possible.  As we release resistance we experience relief and subsequently create a vibration of attraction. At the same time new openness creates a different resonance and space to receive. Hopefulness increases vibrational resonance to experience something better.

Validation transforms doubt, second-guessing and fear into certainty.  Energy once lost in procrastination and inaction- or subliminally creating more of what you don't want- is now available and amplified to channel effectively in the direction of your goal. When numerology provides proof for our intuitive sense confidence gets a boost. This increased confidence creates a virtuous cycle of increased attractiveness, opportunities and intuitive sense. Clarity, decisiveness and focused action produce tangible results.

The root of the problem vs dealing with the symptoms  When we can zero-in on core issues we can find solutions that are faster and effective rather than replaying the same old tape over and over again. If stress is the root of dis-ease - then Healing comes in the relief of the stress. When we can see counter-productive behaviour, subconscious sabotage and distractions from an objective position in a comforting supportive environment, there is less resistance and usually desire to change. When we release the struggle between person, place or time healing and different outcomes come naturally, or at least with more consciousness, grace and ease.