1-1 Sessions 

Do you ever wonder what your life and business would look like if you had someone you could talk to about your big vision, your next steps, what's blocking or getting in your way.  Someone who understands the inner and outer obstacles limiting your success.
The power of emotions and mindset in achieving results.

For decades I have offered unique clarity. insight and foresight to support belief in yourself and your personal way of achieving your dreams.  Revealing opportunities and resources you may not realize you have. 

There‚Äôs nothing worse, for a visionary, creative, entrepreneur, 
than feeling  STUCK. 

 A FREE Discovery Call will give us the opportunity to explore your situation and give you some clarity and insight you need to move forward with confidence. 

From there we can schedule (or move into a session)  to help you figure out a plan that works, for you, your business and your life. Help you achieve the improvements and results you want; 
positively impacting your life, your work and your family

Increase your confidence 
Put an end to your struggle.

Starting with Numerology is what sets me apart in the vast sea of consultants and coaches.  Working with the numbers of your birth date gives us an incredibly fast way to get clarity that's truly personal to you. Finally, get your bearings, find your footing, know your timing and know immediately what can be reshaped to get you more of what you want. Clients jaws drop with how quick and accurate, profound and impactful it can be in just a few minutes.

A unique set of Tools.
Intuitive, creative, and curious by nature I'm a life learner. With confidence in what I know and openness to expand my knowledge and application.

I've spent years in management and sales and marketing, Love start-ups, new initiatives and projects. Decades in personal, spiritual, professional and business growth. Years of study, discovery and research in application and results related to holistic well-being, energy, metaphysics and mindset. I'm known for my vast knowledge intuition and my ability to connect.

Here in the West, Numerology, Astrology and Feng Shui are rarely recognized for the power they hold. Valued by leaders and millionaires in other parts of the world they are tools for navigating, defining strategy and alignment in achieving results.

When we work together this cumulative knowledge, experience, resources and resonance comes to the table. Giving you integrative advice in your highest and best interest, building synergistic and evolutionary momentum over time.

Following the consultation my clients experience a continuum of new experience and different results. Fresh perspective and renewed energy leads to awareness of opportunities, leads and synchronicity that wasn't seen before. Their fresh energy brings new and different results feeding a new flow of improvement.

Mentoring and

 Personal Training

Developing mastery is not a linear process. It involves learning, integrating into life and business, gaining insight, experience and results followed by more learning. It is a continuous process.

On such a journey, it is often useful to have the company and wisdom of someone who has been on the journey for a while. This why mentoring is tailored to your needs and situation.

We start with a mutual assessment of where you are, what you need, and how best to achieve your goals. We'll determine if this is the right match. This conversation will result in you seeing what makes sense for you and what our role should be, if any.

Similar to a coaching relationship, I hold a safe space in which you are truly listened to, to objectively explore your experiences and support positive change. Through a holistic lens we look at the connections between you, your life, your relationships and your business.

 I tap into my extensive knowledge, experience, resources and skills to meet you where you are.  

I teach you pieces of my programs 1-1 and guide you in the integration between the knowledge and effective application at times that work for you.

With today's technology I can work with you literally anywhere in the world.

The creation of signature flower essences specifically to support you and your stage of development are available.

Modern Classical Feng Shui consulting provides the environmental support you'll need.

When to have a session

  • You're feeling stuck, uncertain and want different results
  • Life's thrown you a curve ball....you're getting back on the horse after loss or change in health, work or relationship
  • You're trying to find your passion or purpose and figure out the right path for you
  • You're frustrated with little or no progress in your business and wondering when the success you've been working towards is going to show up.
  • You're not sure if you're procrastinating or if just not the right time. You want to create a plan.
  • Relationship(s) or circumstances are challenging and stealing your power 
  • You're ready to expand, change or grow. You need ideas, a sounding board or someone to mastermind - Someone with a keen ear, a sharp mind and a good eye. Someone you can trust. Someone with no emotional attachment to the situation and your best interests at heart
  • You want to feel vibrant and happy.
  • It's time to open to the flow, clear resistance and align to your personal path of well-being and success
Are you ready to take you, your life and your work to the next level?