Astrology, Numerology and Feng Shui are fascinating tools for getting to the heart of the matter, recognizing opportunities, choice points, and where your personal power is in the moment. Astrology, numerology and feng shui analysis and charts act as portals for me as I tap into the energy of you, time and space and set you up for success.

Creative and logical, imaginative and practical, spiritual and worldly, I have the ability to find the common ground and solutions in conflict, contradiction and opposites. When you need insight, solutions and balance between opposites, I'll help you bring things into balance and harmony 

As an intuitive Astrologer and Numerologist, Life and business consultant I combine messages from spirit, visionary senses and intuitive insights with the cycles, timing, and symbolism of the different charts and schools of study, as we discuss your needs, desire and direction. This multi-dimensional perspective allows me to see the big picture and dig in to the detail. Provide you with unique insights, solutions and levels of understanding you won't find anywhere else. Creative and logical, imaginative and practical, spiritual and worldly means you get the best of both worlds. Seeing the relativity, common ground and solutions in conflict, contradiction and opposites is my thing.

On my personal success and self mastery journey, I applied, practiced and observed the impact of metaphysics in relationship to life and business. I help my entrepreneurial clients by connecting astrology and numerology to marketing, business and success strategies. Over a span of 20 years, speaking, live seminars and teaching evolved to include private mentoring and consulting, and is now expanding into online courses and programs.

If you're in a time of change and want growth, I'd love to help you make sense, get to the root and resolve struggle in a one-one consultation or business strategy sessions. Together we discuss whatever is happening right now, look at the timing of cycles and what's on the horizon for you. My consultations and teachings help you feel an inner sense of peace, and provide you with clarity and a new level of awareness to blossom into your fullest expression, and flourish in what you do.

Less inner/outer battle - more peace and happiness. We live in a society where peace and happiness are made into goals rather than working with the realization that they are actually key ingredients to thrive. We start with relieving the inner/outer conflict, overwhelm, uncertainty and confusion.

Imagine yourself for a moment. Top of your game, in your element, at your best. Are you happy and peaceful? 
Are you free from inner/outer battles, doubt, uncertainty and blame?  
Can you see yourself relaxed, empowered and effective; making decisions consciously, calmly, clear and certain within yourself?
If you want to live and work and achieve your goals this way, the knowledge, wisdom and insights I share are to get you there.

Be magnetic to positivity. Working with energy is all about resonance and coherence. Let's get you into a vibration attractive to opportunities, into alignment with your natural talent ,and in your own flow of timing and Action. People will want to be with you more, you will feel good to be around. Attractive in your state of "divine charisma" confident and sure within yourself. Brilliant and shining in being who you are with your natural talent at play. 

If you ask me there is nothing so enriching and attractive as someone in true personal alignment. Nothing to prove, nothing to defend. Happy and peaceful within oneself: centered, making conscious choices, working with what is. Personally evolving and enhancing your life and enriching your life in incremental ways each day.

Awakening and Conscious Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Healers and Creatives

I believe deeper understanding within ourselves provides greater security in relating with life's ups and downs while helping us to feel more confident and comfortable within ourselves.  With increased self-worth and trusting our inner compass, we become less defensive, less cautious and more effective. Consequently we build a stronger foundation for success while opening ourselves to greater health, wealth and happiness with more grace, satisfaction and attraction. Attraction to better relationships, more clients, help of others  increased opportunities and ability to prosper.  

Strengthening one's ability to not be knocked off balance by judgment, external influences and surroundings is a far reaching asset, positively impacting our relationships, life and business. Expressing oneself from an open center allows us to be of service with a whole new level of competency and respect. As we trust our constantly moving point in our own evolution, appreciate our feelings and sensitivities, then we help others to feel good about themselves,  confident in their choices and excited to do business with us. 


As a life and business strategist and mentor I work predominantly with smart, talented and inspired women to trust their intuition, bring their inner-calling, big ideas and business to life. I love the discovery, design, strategies and creative process of start-ups. Whether the start up is a new business or moving into a new stage of life focused on bringing out the best in you and your vision.

Writing, speaking, leading retreats and teaching, I work online and in-person with inspired women, entrepreneurs, healers, creatives and leaders; 
supporting growth, expansion, deeper knowing and fuller expression. 

Clear a block or challenge with a 1-1 call 
or go on a longer journey of deeper knowing, personal mastery, greater wealth, fulfillment and lifestyle
Work with me and you'll gain unique clarity and insight, timing and solutions. You'll feel supported and inspired by fresh perspective as I hold the space and guide you. Combining insight, intelligence and practicality we'll have fun finding clear focus and plotting your course. Come, spend the day clarifying your vision and move gracefully into greater alignment and increased success. 
Working together immediately and over time, personally, professionally and spiritually, you will become more open, confident, clear and decisive. You'll feel stronger in business, more vibrant in yourself and wealthier. I'll help you to be more effective in marketing; magnetic to opportunities and clients. Optimistic and grounded you'll see doors open. As you experience less stress and more flow in your life business and relationships you'll find yourself happy, feeling lighter and having greater impact with less effort. 

Right Now   Where's your gap?        What's your challenge?   Where do you need clarity, confirmation and solutions?
  Let's talk, call 647 222 2889 or use the button below to set up an appointment. A quick conversation and we'll soon know if my unique ways and services are right for you. 

Work with me and I'll help you discover, define and create results that are important to you. My specialty is to work with clients over a long period of time to advance business and personal fulfillment. 

I'll help you move out of the chase and race cycles into a relaxed, effective, proactive  approach that attracts and recognizes resources and opportunities.  You'll have a guide to help you identify Your way, provide evidence to trust your intuition and reveal potential to turn into huge advantage. 

While optimistic you'll find me empathetic, down-to earth and real.  I'm not going to feed you b.s. offer a magic bullet or fast track, there's lots to learn and integrate: transformation and dream development truly takes time. However through blending personal magic with due diligence and alignment to your personal truth, serendipity increases, quantum leaps and surprising miracles are truly possible. 

           photo credit Diane Fearn 

I appreciate sensitivity and emotions they are key to great healers, teachers, creatives and service providers
Out of balance they can send  us into depths of despair, frustration and question. You can feel good knowing that I can relate to big feelings that arise in change, transition and growth, and the frustration of unmet expectation and delayed outcome no matter how hard you work. You can feel safe to share your out-of-the box thoughts, ideas and emotions. I don't see your imagination and sensitivity as a liability; I'll help you see and work with them as your personal assets

An intelligent mind questions. I too have asked myself if am I crazy, foolish, stupid?    Are THEY right?   Should I give up? 
Am I one of those entrepreneurs you see on Dragon's den they say STOP to?  Valid questions. Doubt and uncertainty needs confirmation and clarity and then from a quiet mind and centered emotions we can make brilliant decisions.

There are times we are in the void; the chrysalis stage of transformation where there is no clear picture. You're no longer and Caterpillar and not yet the butterfly.  It's both a journey and an art to be in this place and experience of uncertainty and change.  When we can't see the Divine perfection in current circumstances, when what we aren't getting what we want and desire it's helpful to have insight and experience to find peace and understanding. To realize the opportunities and move into your co-creative power available in this state.

 At different times in personal, business and spiritual development we need different tools. Faith to trust the process. Tools for understanding, confirmation and navigation. Feng Shui, Numerology, Astrology and Qi Men Dun Jia became mine, interwoven with practical knowledge, continuous learning and experience in life and business. Over years of practice and observation I now take complex, often contradictory concepts and translate them into plain language for you.

With the insight, wisdom and tools I share, the answers, solutions and understanding I provide optimize your path. I'm here to help you reduce stress, struggle and save years of searching, saving you time, money and effort. You have a guide and adviser to point out the potholes, steer you away from the dead-ends and  expose you to new views and options. Someone with hind sight of experience, intelligence and intuition.  

As a forerunner and visionary, I've researched, studied, practiced and walked a path of discovery, trial and error.  Explored new avenues in search of understanding and solutions. In doing so I've found authentic ways to transform the stress and frustration of being a wife, mother and woman in business. Cleared inner and outer judgment, criticism and blocks; disappointment and delay. I bring the wealth and wisdom of experience and a different set of tools and resources to  you for relief, clarity and ease on your path into personal greatness and wonderful achievements.

It all starts with a free discovery conversation

Work with me and you'll get fresh perspective. Someone who can see connections between the small details and the big picture; between feelings, beliefs and outcome, between the visible and invisible. Get solutions, solve problems, have a partner who's good at working with personal development, good timing, strategy and informed decision making.

Consider me a way shower. I hold the light, hold the space and show you the way to capitalize on your strengths and follow opportunity that's ready and waiting for you.  It would be my delight and privilege to work with you. To nourish you with learning and help you deepen your trust in your intuition and co-creation.  To play a part in shining the light on your potential,  your strengths and your way to create and develop your passion into a business and life you love and feel enlivened living.

"In the continuing journey of understanding and self-improvement, the session with Judy opened up new levels of awareness and linkages that help expand my understanding of self as well as helping to determine “why?” and to some level how to use this knowledge for personal development. The experience was reinforcing of information I had,  illuminating of things I didn’t know and inspiring of new avenues to develop."         Nick Shepherd, President & CEO, EduVision Inc.

“During the session Judy listens with care and through conversation, amazingly hits on the very things about you and your life that need attention.   She is intuitively wise and clarifying. She helps you understand things that you are consumed by. Judy made me feel so refreshed and relieved, feeling stronger than I had in a very long time!”                                                                                                                                         Alex, Mississauga, ON

"I am still amazed to experience some of what your analysis uncovered so quickly as well as the accuracy, but most of all I learned so much from your teachings which opened a whole new world for me. I use the tools everyday, experience more happiness and an overall sense of peace and balance in my life. THANK YOU!! I am so exited to see what is coming next. "                                                 Edyne Plancy, Toronto.

"During our conversation I found Judy to be very intuitive and extremely insightful.  She offered words of  wisdom without prejudice or judgement.  She has a gentle and soothing disposition.  It is clear that Judy is passionate about fulfilling life’s purpose.  You will be captivated by her powerful messages that will resonate with you for a long time. She is a true gem!"                          K.Y. Markham ON.

 In love life limbo (after divorce) I didn't realize my thought and fears blocking me from attracting a good relationship.  
 Within an hour 
​ with Judy​
 I got a revelation. 
​ ​
 I went from "I'm waiting 
​ for Mr Right​
 " to "I'm ready!"​ 
later a 
​lovely ​
 man struck up a conversation 
​, showing me my shift​
​Who knows what's next but ​
​to say​
 - I've got my mojo back!    Sandra R, Bolton, Ontario

Following my consultation with Judy, the change in my perspective created a ripple effect in my awareness, my responses and quite surprisingly extended to my family. ... it left me with a sense of awe witnessing first hand that such a profound shift in consciousness and energy is possible.                            AM. Caledon, ON