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 The Development of Life and Business by Design

A collaborative partnership in creating a life and business you love.

NOW it's easy to say....

I specialize in self-discovery and small business development.  Considered both grounded and insightful I intuitively understand the underlying dynamics of challenges and inter-relationship required for harmony, effectiveness and results.  Perceptive and Spiritual in a practical way, I'm known for my penetrative insight and investigative process to find what lies at the core and to know when and how to do things. Solving a problem or revealing an opportunity my enthusiasm and depth of knowledge will come through. I love to see my clients leaving empowered with confirmation and excited about what's next. You can expect my coaching, counselling and classes to be enriching, transformative and uplifting. I love to be a guest Speaker, conversationalist and participating in small retreats.

As a personal mentor and teacher I offer many areas of teaching combining logical actions with metaphysical and spiritual insights. I specialize in self-help, personal discovery and direction aside business alignment, refinement and transformation. I share perspective and principles for you to achieve and enjoy lasting success, happiness and fulfillment. 

My Journey

  Judy shines as a teacher, speaker and conversationalist, opening minds to possibility and shedding light on limiting influences and potential begging to be used. 

  She believes a better life is a trans formative and ever evolving process. A process initiated by a feeling sense and clarity within, powered by an all knowing desire to create, and synergistically brought to form through action. Individuals, independent business owners, holistic professionals and teachers who don’t want the restrictions of a traditional path, choose Judy for the flexibility and freedom of having unique guidance, education and personal support in times of transformational change. Her clients are ready to bring innovative change into existing circumstances. Judy leads and guides those who want to enjoy life and prosper true to their own ability and nature.

It was the delay to generate a full incomewhile being true to her inner knowing and having the freedom to be in the natural ebb and flow of raising a family that was the catalyst. It lead to the natural unfoldment of years of commited personal, spiritual and business skills development. It brought holistic health and hundreds of books into her her home. A purely inspired journey of investigation, learning and discovery.  She learned the "insight and skills and sometimes discomfort of being in the process", "how to recognize and get comfortable with your true nature and embrace your strengths and limitations" "to be okay with where you are and find peace of mind " to "trust and be confident to follow your inner knowing when others around you have some better ideas" "to understand and appreciate your relationships" and "to create a prosperous, healthy, and happy life doing what you love takes time and dedication."  Ultimately she's been on the path of proving and figuring out how it is possible to do what you love, to live well in the process and to trust that in fact it's our life calling. Now she's living it.