Clarity, Energy & Confidence to

Launch, expand or grow your business

Resolve challenges limiting your progress

The path of the entrepreneur or solo practioner is rarely straight and consistent and quite frankly that's probably why you chose it. You are a leader in your own right. Soul motivated and heart driven to thrive and create not only a successful business, but a great life 

Business, Personal and Spiritual development           go hand in hand in creating real success

You've chosen to bring your passion to fruition in service to others probably with the desire to create a better world.   As an entrepreneur or holistic professional, personal and business growth are intertwined. 


In a co-creative process we design the strategy that's right for you. Inspired with new perspective, with peace of mind and confidence that you are working on the right things at the right time, means you can create momentum and achieve great results being ready as the opportunities unfold.

Organic business development Strategy

Proceed confidently with fresh perspective and  holistic clarity of your business. Feel empowered to make decisions and take well timed action. In consultation we will look at where you are, your challenges, plans, ideas and desires. We will get you in the flow and ready for synchronistic opportunities with a plan that integrates your personal nature and timing cycle with that of your business.

Stress Relief for Entrepreneurs & Holistic Professionals.

In a world that is insistent on constant stimulation, rapid expansion and measuring success by monetary achievement, we can feel challenged, disenchanted and frustrated when our business isn't measuring up to this illogical but expected performance and results. Has business slowed down or never really got going?

The path is rarely straight and consistent. Progress is often not as swift and smooth as we'd like it to be. In consultation we will look at where you are, your challenges, plans and desires. In relating your personal nature and personal timing cycle to that of your business you will find relief and be reenergized with new perspective, confirmation and clarity.

Gentle, organic transition and business building for

Full time mums  -  Caregivers - Currently employed  -  Students

Your other priority may in fact be the catalyst for your business or fuel to achieve your desire. Perhaps  you have a passion slowly developing into a business.  Because your time and energy is shared, it does not mean you are less commited to it's success, nor does it give you, or the project, less value. The truth is you simply you have less focused time to give to it, at this time.

 Together we can see and design the business or project to be an integrative process that is rewarding rather than stressful. You can feel empowered by it's organic growth rather than dissappointed in it's slow progress.  In consultation we will look at the inter-relationship of life and business. We'll see where opportunities lie to build a solid foundation, create synergy in your actions and provide a strategy for more effectiveness. With clarity in your vision and sense of accomplishment in the incremental steps toward your desire, natural growth will be a joy.

Launching a New business or planning expansion

Launching a new business or expanding into something new can be both exciting and overwhelming. Big picture perspective reveal hidden opportunities, potential challenges and ways to integrate actions to save time and money.


Integrate your marketing and business plan to be in sync with universal influences and your personal cycle.

We will take a holistic look at you, your business and your life. Together we will co-create a strategy to achieve what you want for yourself in a way that is in harmony with your nature and your personal timing cycle.

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Annual or Quarterly planning and assessment. 

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 Sometimes a small tweak or a single insight is all you need to open the flow, feel energized and empowered with optimism.

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 Just started your business and feeling overwhelmed?

So many decisions - So much to do


You've been in business for a year or two or ten

- it's clear you need new perspective and insight            You know the answer isn't to work any harder - fuel your confidence, desire and progress with a dose of clarity and a new strategy.

Success comes when we truly feel  inspired, confident and productive. 

The help you need is balanced and specific to you personally

You would love to have guidance and solutions without judgement and focus on Your Success

  • Clarity
  • Know the why behind the challenge
  • Solutions
  • Ideas, Leads, Resources
  • Growth aligned to your values
  • Understand your options to make the best choice
  • See unrealized potential
  • Know what to do and when
  • Know what activites to act on and what to leave alone.