In the last 20 years I've worked with lots of entrepreneurs, creatives, holistic and kind professionals helping them to clarify, create, align and expand their business. They came to me to develop ideas and strategies- make connections - find solutions - open things up creating flow.  I fuel your confidence with clarity and get you experiencing success, here, now where you are; using the resources you have and trusting the inner wisdom of your heart.  

When we define our own success and measure our efforts by our own values, comparison and doubt can be a thing of the past. We can recognize our leadership rather than waste energy and loose momentum questioning. When we express our personal brilliance, do business and are of service in our own unique and distinct way the world automatically becomes a better place. 

Feel empowered in the process of recognizing and realizing your own Divine path 

Feel confident to trust your intuitive prompts and hearts calling

Learn and develop your business with others who value well-being, happiness and financial success

Creating a vision that is not yet clear can be challenging and isolating. Trusting our inner-compass or prompt to do things differently can have us feeling empowered and sure in one moment; questioning ourselves in another.

be patient with this creative process - it has a timing all of it's own

we can't rush it, but we can enjoy the experience of the new emerging out of the  endless field of possibility

Imagine having empowering support and effective guidance in the process. Be part of a 12 weeks life enriching program of growth and learning; a delightful synthesis of personal, professional and spiritual development 

An Organic personal Direction and Development Program

 Join 4 other women weekly to find clarity, clear blocks and design the life you were born to live. Fulfill your destiny's calling. In this unique creative process we will use intention, numerology, fresh perspectives and transformational journaling to create and live a life you truly love. 

 Emerging Business by Design is a 12 week program for those in a discovery process.  A passion, an idea, or a desire to see things done in a new way has your creative juices flowing.  You may or may not consider it a business - name it what you will - it's a way of being of service to others.

What you are creating is getting part- time attention.  You may be a care-giver to children, a parent or your own health. Perhaps you are developing your abilities in healing or creative arts. Perhaps you're up for retirement and figuring out what's next.  Or perhaps you're a leader in a volunteer role and you can see opportunities for new growth and direction.  Whatever it is,  you value it greatly and you are dedicating time and attention to design and develop it. 

This process can be a bit lonely.  You can't say to much to others because they don't get it.  You might be hearing  "how can you earn a living doing that"  "what are you doing that for?" "who's going to want that?" "seems too out there for me".  They might even be waiting for you to give up and do things the "regular way". 

You know you are on the right path. You are listening to your inner-calling and you know that this feeds your soul and taking you towards more vibrancy, harmony and happiness.  You are making life better for yourself and others.

Where do you get support, skills and guidance that's as logical and intelligent as it is intuitive and trusting?

Right here.

The gathering and discovery phase is a time of learning, personal and spiritual development. It's really nice and nourishing to share part of it with others. Brilliance and clarity emerges through reflection, observation and the willingness to stay open to potential and possibility. Opportunities comes from connections and relationships.

12 Weeks - Consistently empowering and revealing

We start week 1 with sharing where you are now and where you sense/know you want to be in the future.  Over the weeks you'll experience personal growth and increased clarity of your message and mission.  The foundation for what you are creating strengthens and confidence increases. 

Stress comes when we are out of alignment with our values, timing and talent.  Friction and challenge comes in relationships when we don't see things the same way. Limiting beliefs and out-dated patterns feed frustration and low-self esteem. We're focusing on creating ease and grace in the process.  Tapping into cosmic energy to support our actions.  Letting go of what no longer serves us and creating what suits us well. 

You will learn powerful tools and techniques that will serve you for the rest of our life. This learning will bring interwoven benefits at home, in your work; to life as a whole. In the 12 weeks:

  •  You'll learn Numerology to make sense of past timing and for future planning.  
  • Definitions of the numbers will help you understand and improve relationships.
  • I will share my personal model of the creative process and powerful use of attention and intention
  • Clear, heal and co-create your true desire using New Moon astrology. 
  • Learn how to recognize the impact and use the influence of the cosmos in your daily life. 
  • Watch your path open up with opportunity in tweaking your perspective and position.
  • Feel increased trust in your own intuition as proof shows up
  • Experience and learn easy energy healing techniques to maintain balance
  • Learn transformational Journaling techniques to gain clarity, clear blocks and heal
  • Reap the benefits that come with conscious awareness and choice

Over the 12 weeks, you can count on me to bring you my best.  The program is not rigidly defined purposefully; to leave room for Divine design. You get to save the thousands of dollars and hours I spent questioning, discovering, researching and studying. You get profound wisdom and comprehensive information delivered in direct response to your needs.  This is not a cookie-cutter program. Each week I adjust my delivery and content in alignment with group experience and depth-knowledge.  This program may or may not speed up your realization of your goals but it certainly will short-cut you years of research, study and observation, help you trust yourself and increase your effectiveness in creating what you desire. As your facilitator I guide you to replace stress, struggle and frustration with more ease, grace and profound results.

So here is an opportunity to will feel nourished and enriched each week as you move forward with 4 others equally committed to discovery, growth and creation of something significantThe natural brilliance of each participant will enrich the program. You are encouraged to share your story or experience to infuse discussion, illustrate for understanding and as an opportunity to apply our learning and creative ideas.

While our weekly group is not formal, forceful or rigid, it should not be confused with being lax. Holding space and allowing an organic process is not an excuse for sequential order, promptness, preparedness and respect on your part or mine.  A drill-Sargent approach of accountability is not my nature, and in fact it often stops us sensitive and creative folks in our tracks; Choosing this program you value purpose, presence and engagement.  Feel free to bring food to eat while we work. I'll have tea and put the kettle on.
It will be fun and enlightening, enriching and clarifying.

No testimonials for this program's new. Here's one from Business by design

"Judy is a wealth of knowledge.  Business by Design helps you see your life and business in a unique way.  It has helped me take charge of what is  important, set realistic goals and let go of the things that were holding me back.  The course helped me develop a confident, clear, focused direction and vision for my business.  It has been a positively life-changing experience."   Enza

  When you invest 3 months of consistent dedication to you and what you truly value, you experience permanent shifts and profound insight.  Enriched and empowered opportunities appear before you and an easier path unfolds - long after the classes are done.

 An incredible value

Introductory price $295 per module

12 weeks - 3 monthly payments

 Really Interested?  

Come to free info session  on April 2nd- meet others interested and see if it's a fit for you now.... or later

 Or call me - let's have a conversation.

 647 222 2889 or email me at

use your natural skill, experience and passion to make a difference in the world. 

 Saturday's 10:30am-1:00pm

 Module 1- May 3, 10, 17, 24

 Module 2 -May 31, June 7, 14, 21

 Module 3- June 28 July 5, 12, 19

Feel confident as you move towards the horizon you can sense rather than see

Design and create a life you love 

Use your natural skill, experience and true passion to make a difference in the world.