Powerful Vision Boards "Create a vision of your life and doors will open for you." 

Vision Boards (aka dream boards) have been created for years.  A montage of pictures from magazines and images serve as regular reminders of our aspirations and how we desire our life to be. In this workshop you will learn how to increase the energy and Power and anchor it as you create your own Vision board.   If you would like to share your birthdate, I will demonstrate how Numerology can be used to sync your own timing with the vision you are creating to achieve your dreams with more ease. Infuse the Law of attraction, Grace and the Power of dreaming into your powerful piece. This workshop will also teach you how to take time to pause, feel, create and attract what you really want. 

You may wish to collect and bring personal and specific interest pictures, images and objects with you for this class.  Supplies of pictures, magazines, bristol boards, glue, paints and markers etc. will be available for you to use.  This workshop is a fun-filled, interactive and enlightening creative and learning experience all in one!

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