Create your own Pottery Energy Bowl

Everything is energy.  We are often unaware how much the items we have in our home or workspace influence us.  Symbols, intention, materials and colours all have influence. Bringing in Feng Shui knowledge and the energetic alchemy of mists and intention I will lead us with discussion and share wisdom of these energetic ingredients.   You will be inspired and learn how to infuse your creative piece with the energy you desire.

Enza Falzone, will teach you how to hand build your personal energy bowl from a raw piece of clay.  You will learn how to fashion and decorate your bowl with symbols and colours that resonate with your purpose. Use your bowl as a beautiful centerpiece that silently radiates positive energy in your space or charges your crystals, stones or cards.  This is a two-class workshop.

 Class 1:  Create your bowl                    Class 2:  Paint and Decorate                 

Pick up  your bowl and paint Tangible Touchstones  at the same time.

When you come to pick up your kiln-fired bowl why not create Tangible Touchstones  Use them in meditation, as reminders or share as thoughtful little gifts

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