Create Tangible Touchstones of Inspiration and Intent 

Symbols of inspiration use your hand-painted stones to uplift and support yourself and others with your heart-felt feeling and intent. Fill a bowl with reminders of what's good in  your life and your dreams and desires to come.  Come  learn, relax, create and have some fun.

In this class, we decorate stones to become Touchstones of Intent.  Like an angel in your wallet or a crystal in your pocket, these stones are little anchors of intent and energy power-houses.  Infused with your intention, they turn invisible energy into tangible objects.  They serve as reminders of our goals, desires, special moments and support.  We will talk about the power of colour and symbols. You'll be shown how to amplify and anchor your personal energy of intent.  You will be inspired with many ideas and options to create.  Painting, Decoupage, Decorating… the creative possibilities are endless!  Lots of fun. Powerful alies for everyday life.

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Your own Pottery “Energy” Bowl is a great place to put your Stones of intent  Classes proceed each date

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