Readings and Consultations meet you were you are...right now 

Guidance and direction that feels right in your heart and makes sense in your head 

 My guidance can save you a whole lot of time, money, effort and frustration. The awareness of awaiting potential and the ability to tap into auspicious and useful energy gives you a natural advantage. Knowing the best approach to take and the right time to act reduces stress and amplifies your likelihood of success. I am able to interpret and illuminate current, future and past influences for you to be prepared for opportunities, resolve stress and avoid probable or possible challenges.

A good investment in yourself and your future

You are paying for time, expertise and knowledge. Be assured that you’ll get your money’s worth in both the session and what unfolds after. For some it comes in the form of emotional harmony, piece of mind, reduced stress or cost savings. Others experience more money that come through more efficiency, the "right" job, better business, new opportunities or the opening and receptiveness to wealth in different ways.

The lines get blurred between the definitions of reading, counselling, coaching and consultation

 I am passionate about education and knowledge. I have committed thousands of hours to be in a position to help people make better decisions. I have an organic synergy of advice, guidance and teaching combined with practical wisdom and knowledge amplified by my keen intuitive abilities. I know I am not going to do what someone tells me without it making sense and resonating with me; I wouldn't expect you to either.  So I give you the insight you need or the resources to investigate or validate further.  Together, we can develop practical plans and strategies or make sense of what's going on.  My goal  is to provide insight, tools and confirmation so you feel confident in your decisions and empowered as you move forward.

So what  should you expect in a session?

Together we discuss your current situation, surfacing patterns, fears, challenges, frustrations, hopes and expectations. Using birth dates of those involved I create a chart of timing and personal influence.  Using this as a reference point together we reflect upon the factors at play, providing valuable insight and clarity in the process. Strategy emerges for what is next for you, and how to proceed feeling centered and confident in your knowing. I will also recommend books, healing, resources, educational programs, vibrational remedies and energy mists that will support you on your path.

One session might be all you need to get back on track; however long standing issues, larger projects or building a business can benefit from regular consultations, in-depth strategic planning or on-site analysis that may include Feng Shui.


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Starting as low as $65 for 30 minute session...although you'll probably want more (haha)

30, 45, 60 or 90 minute session......half or full day of big picture clarifying and planning

 get a sense of your options -  I personalize to meet your needs.

Clarity and relief when you are feeling frustrated, anxious, confused or stuck  Sometimes we can feel like we've lost our center;  tossed around by life circumstances and subject to others' expectations. We will look at what's going on and knocking you off balance so you can reconnect with what's true for you.

 “During the session Judy listens with care and through conversation, amazingly hits on the very things about you and your life that need attention.   She is intuitively wise and clarifying. She helps you understand things that you are consumed by. Judy made me feel so refreshed and relieved, feeling stronger than I had in a very long time!”                                                  Alex, Mississauga, ON

Relationships  Where's the one you want? Tired of waiting or attracting more of what you don't want than what you do? Open the path to attract your right partner.

Your relationship is challenging right now. The numerology of each persons birth date can give lots of answers, assist in understanding the nature of each person involved and offer insight of ways to overcome the challenges. Couples, families and groups the dynamics are fascinating; The intention is for win-win outcome whether together or apart.

“Following my consultation with Judy, the change in my perspective created a ripple effect in my awareness, my responses and quite surprisingly extended to my family. ... it left me with a sense of awe witnessing first hand that such a profound shift in consciousness and energy is possible.               AM. Caledon, ON

Relationship is over- figuring things out... and what comes next  Understanding the dynamics of the relationship provides insight into how to move forward with ease and grace, figure out what you want next and save the need to "learn the same lessons" in the next relationship. It can also help with finding harmony in the separation and change for other family members. With understanding of personal timing cycles you can see where things naturally come to completion, illuminate the time when you're empowered in negotiations and best to launch something new.

Personal planning for the year ahead  We will take a holistic look at you and your life. Together we will co-create a strategy to achieve what you want for yourself in a way that is in harmony with your nature and your personal timing cycle. (Also look at In Sync for Success program to learn how to do this for yourself and others)

"I recently had a session with Judy and found it insightful to say the least! Her intuitive wisdom coupled with her knowledge of the influence of numerology in my life and business had my perspective shifting in amazing ways.  I actually felt the shifts in my mind and body as a new creativity flowed within me; the blocks and uncertainty I had melted away. The solutions just clicked into place.   My shoulders relaxed and a rhythm of excitement returned to my heart. 

I left feeling clear and focused full of new ideas and the anticipation of implementing them.  Judy definitely is gifted, intuitive and wise. If you are feeling stuck, confused, or are just seeking solutions for your life or business, I recommend Judy to help you transform the confusion into clarity! "      Lisa Molinelli  Caledon, ON.  

Planning integrating life and business for the Holistic entrepreneur and Self employed professional   Feel empowered and vitalized as you align your personal energy with your work.  Move forward with greater confidence to take appropriate action when it's best for you.  Increase your effectiveness and achieve success with less stress and struggle. Click here for more details

Big picture perspective and planning  What if you could have a few hours or a day with someone focused on your success. Someone you can trust to provide practical, personal and effective solutions. An intuitive synergist, innovator and creative visionary. A practical spiritual guide who understands how life and business prompts personal and professional development. Someone with a unique tool box for life and business. That's me and I have thousands of hours of research, study and practice in business, leadership and personal. development to offer you. (Use linkedin button below and and read more at about judy for more). I meet you and your business where you are at, and we go from there. There is no set formula, I bring all that I have to the table....or your space.

Business Planning, forecasting and strategizing  What if you could have someone that can help you connect the big picture with the important details of your business plan. Someone who can help you expand and clarify.  I can help you see the time for action that has supporting energy so you can experience smoother, faster achievement and growth. Someone with insight to see opportunities or ways to be more efficient or effective that you might be too close to to see.  someone inspired with ideas and 

Fresh Perspective + Experienced Guidance + Unique knowledge + Great Resources  so that you can easily elevate and speed up your success.

 It’s difficult to be effective when you’re feeling bad and demotivated, restricted and unclear. We all have experiences and beliefs that dampen our spirit or shut down our progress

Fuel for the Fire: know what ignites (and puts out) your flame   Using the birth data you provide I do some astrological and numerology analysis prior to our meeting. I discern what ignites and what dampens your spirit according to your chart. In session we will validate my findings seeing how and where it shows up in your life. Knowing your pressure points and catalysts provides the means to avoid/minimize getting blocked and demotivated in the future. You'll will be aware of what to strengthen, heal or change. We will see the connection of these findings to your work, relationships, well being and prosperity. You will leave your appointment feeling energized, inspired and empowered with insight.

 Personal Session $195 (1hr )    Relationship session $360 (2hrs )   Name, birth date, time and place required IN ADVANCE at time of booking

Flower & Crystal Essence Reading  15 minutes - $25  As you share your experience and feelings about your current situation I will tune in and guide you to the essence or essences that best support you at this time. A unique personal combination Essence may also be designed specific to your needs. Click here for more detail and to book your consultation  

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