These fun and relaxing classes provide a lovely way to learn and create. Come learn and create purposeful, inspired, energy infused works of art in a bright, comfortable environment. A lovely compliment to coaching and development classes.

Imagine taking a couple of hours to experience Bliss or Harmony in a different way. A time for you to pause, get out of your head, relax and create.  No expectations or judgment – simply free intuitive expression. 

    • Clarify and Anchor your dreams for tomorrow in a powerful, time activated vision board
    • Infuse the clay of your bowl or decorate stones with words, symbols and the power of pure intent.  
    • Experience and infuse the energy of flower essences and mist into your creations.
    • Capture on paper or canvas your interpretation of Bliss or Harmony and the vibrancy of Radiant Beauty.
The delightful pieces you create in any of these classes will bring energy to your space with their presence (good Feng Shui). They serve as reminders that you can re-connect or fill up, by simply taking a moment to pause. Good for you- Good for your friend.  Your personal expression would make meaningful gifts and your paintings illustrate heartfelt cards.

I have the pleasure to join Enza Falzone in her studio. 

 Together we have developed and teach some  NEW artistic classes combining mindful wisdom with creative expression. 

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                                                Come...have fun and express your creative spirit

 Some of you will remember my hand-painted business cards from the early 2000's.  Inspired by a very brief look at a Chinese brush painting book a few days later this painting came "through me" in moments on the scrap piece of paper.

As a young girl I used to save my pocket money to buy art supplies in a little shop on the high street (the water colour pencils in the picture to your right).  At a career choice crossroads of my youth I chose the path of hospitality over art. In recent years I have dabbled and played with the encouragement and company of my artistic friends. 

Full circle- I now have the pleasure to combine energy wisdom,  mists, essences and art. 

My daughter Meaghan  uses her  talent as  a professional makeup artist.